You can experience the culture at the place where you traveling. "Eating" is also playing an important role to help you understand better about that country!

Even though you wish to go to a restaurant while traveling in Japan, but you may face difficulty to understand the language, or it is difficult for you to make a reservation at a restaurant. There is no choice but to queue up, or you might even totally don’t have the chance to get a seat at a restaurant which only serve reservation needed customer. In order to cope this, restaurant reservation concierge service "JPNEAZY" was born! This time, we are going to introduce about the service thoroughly.

What is "JPNEAZY"?

"JPNEAZY" has the meaning of “Reserve the restaurant in JAPAN in EASY way". You can always make a reservation easily by entering the restaurant name you want to visit.

In addition, English and Chinese online support service is also available from 9:00 to 18:00 in Japan time. It is such a good news that you can inquire easily also. 

You can get the reservation done in just 3 steps with your PC or smartphone

If you see a restaurant introduced at a TV program or a you found it when surfing on a smartphone, and wondering of "what kind of place is it? Is it nice?" let's make a reservation with "JPNEAZY" immediately. We are going to introduce the reservation method in this article.

STEP1: Key in the information of the restaurant you want to visit

Key in the date, time, number of people, restaurant name, website, phone number, etc.

Fill in your contact information and remarks

Tick the “AGREE” button if you agree to the JPEAZY Cancellation Policy and Privacy Policy.

Step 2: Check if the content you entered are correct

Read the Cancellation Policy and Privacy Policy, if you agree then tick on the “AGREE” button. If there is any mistake you need to correct, please return to the previous page and correct it.

Step 3: Wait for the reply from "JPNEAZY".

The reservation is confirmed when you receive the notification of the confirmation of reservation. Now you are ready to enjoy the delicious gourmet at the restaurant on the date and time of the reservation. ♪

FUN! JAPAN Fans Limited Deals

If you are a user who do the reservation of a restaurant through FUN! JAPAN website, you will not be charged with the booking fee! It's a great opportunity which you must not miss it! (Reservation website is available in English only)

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