I went to STREET VWs JAMBOREE in Odaiba

This time I would like to share with you on how to differentiate the ages of Volkswagen type 1.

"Volkswagen Type 1" which was manufactured from 1938 to 2003 is the world's highest production car. Another name of this car is called as "Beetle". Since the cumulative production volume is as high as 21.53 million units, so there are some simple method to differentiate the age depending on the production period. This was taught warmly by the owners of cars during the event.

1938 to 1953: "Split Window" where the window was split into two

Initially, the back window was split into two in order to improve the strength. Such series in its old age was also the rare series at this event.

1953 – 1958: The feature of car is the oval window with 33% improvement of vision compare with previous type

The window was able to be made into one instead of split window, probably due to the improvement of the strength of material during that period. Since the window is in oval shape, it is easy to differentiate with the "Oval Window". The wideness of the vision has improved 33% with this design change, and it was easier to drive.

From 1958, the window became bigger than the previous model.

The window of this series became bigger than the series in 1958. It can be said that the size of the window has become the same surface size with the current ordinary car from this year onward.

Is this a blinker of a Volkswagen car?

This part is a direction indicator, and called as "semaphore" in English. It is a part with a role which equivalent to a car direction indicator (blinker). This part is attached to a relatively older model. When I looked at this part and imagine the scene when this car moving on road, I feel interested with the history of the car with the question such as “who was in the car”, "What kind of road was the car running at?", etc.