Horror & Mystery Series Vol. 24: Modern Story [Guardian of the Household]

Last time we told you how pets can help detecting ghosts. How about ones that protecting you from evils? Well, this time we bring such a story to you.

A cat named Hana-chan

This is a story from 5 years ago. We expanded the house into the garden. In the family there were grandma, my parents, big brother, little sister, and myself; a very big family. With so many rooms added, we were quite happy, for a while.

Renovating a house may have unleashed some hidden curse...

Since then, the family was somewhat broken. My dad, once barely drank, suddenly started drinking heavily without reasons; he would often shout with loud voice. My brother couldn’t stand dad, and since he got a job, he moved out to company’s dormitory. Then grandma and sister died from accidents inside the house. It was mom who found the lifeless body of my sister. Perhaps it was the shock, she started going to strange cult and barely did the chores.

Some chores required

Since the expansion of the house, all of these happened within merely 3 months.

As for me, it was a dream. I told myself it was just a symptom of shock. But ever since the renovation, I started seeing unknown family of three walking around inside our house. At first it was only in the garden, a father, a mother, and a son. They were dressed in old-style, and stood together like a family picture’s group pose, but only the lips were grinning as if to mock me.

A family portrait
This picture is for illustrative purpose only

But whenever I noticed them, within 2-3 seconds, they would vanish.

Then one day, a stray cat wandered into our house. Whenever I went to or came back from school, that cat would be at the front door waiting for me. Although we never kept a pet before, I could not resist her anymore, so I waited for a good timing and asked my parents to keep her. She had a small mole-like patterns on the side of her nose, so I called her Hana-chan. Whenever I was with Hana-chan, somehow, I felt secured, and somehow, I never saw that family when she was around.

A mole pattern on the nose

Two months passed by, Hana-chan suddenly died. The vet said perhaps a heart-paralysis. For me who went through 3 months of hardship and found respite with Hana-chan, to find her suddenly pass-away like this, I was mentally broken, I didn’t care anymore of whatever happened around me. I lived everyday hiding my emotion inside.

Pet Cemetery

One night, as I opened my eyes, that family of three were standing by the bed looking down at me. They were grinning at me. At the time, I just thought, “just do whatever you please.” Then, in that next moment, big angry face of a cat appeared and bit the father. The three disappeared with surprised expression.

At the time I was scared too, but when I saw the calmed down cat, I said out loud, “Hana-chan?” I clearly saw the mole on the side of her nose.


In that morning, my mom strangely woke up early. She said, while sleeping, she felt a cat’s paws on her legs, so she woke up. All the emotion I kept inside swelled up at once; I burst in tears. With dad who woke up and mom, I cried; “Stop drinking like it’s all you have! Stop going to the cult like its’s all you have! If you keep doing this, grandma and little sis would never rest in peace.

Seemed like my parents realized whatever happened; my dad threw away all the alcohol in the house and started going to the hospital for rehab. Mom also stopped going to the cult and started doing chores again. Then during those days, my brother called home.

Can you keep a kitten for me?

A well-behaved kitten

There was a kitten coming to live in the dorm. Every evening it would wait for me on the way from station to the dorm. It was so cute I could not leave it alone. But since this is a dorm, can you look after it for me?” said my brother.

I couldn’t help but feel bad for Hana-chan, but we decided to keep it in our house.

It was the time when I back from school and was home alone. I felt asleep while watching TV in the kitchen, then the sleeping kitten suddenly woke up and went to the hallway. At the same time, there were loud footsteps from the hallway running away toward the entrance. Surprised, I went to the hallway and saw the kitten raising its back, hissing at the entrance. When I get closer, the cat hissing and a man’s panicking voice echoed through the hallway. The hissing was not of a kitten at all.

Hissing Kitten

Ever since, I never see that family of three ever again. My brother also seems to like the kitten so much that he keeps coming home frequently. Mom and dad also do not have any strange behavior anymore. We go to visit grandma’s and sister’s graves once a month. Perhaps because we think that cats are our household guardians or something, but now we have 7 cats in our house. That kitten has grown big and became the boss and is still very healthy.

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They said pets choose their own masters. If you were chosen, consider yourself lucky; they would be loyal to you even from beyond the grave.

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