Have you ever heard about VR (virtual reality) which is one of the current hot topics? VR is a technology that stimulates the five senses of human including vision, hearing, tactile sense, smell, and taste as if it is realistic. VR which becomes the current hot topic is a head mounted displaying goggle which allows the player to view the whole sky ball image of 360 degree, and immerse themselves to the image space. Today, we will introduce about basic of VR entertainment facilities.

What is the difference between VR and AR?

AR means Augmented Reality in English. AR is a technology for virtual expansion of the world in front of our eyes, by overlapping the virtual information with the actual scenery. Smartphone game “Pokemon GO” is one of the example for AR technology where you can feel as the Pokemon appears in the real world. In contrast, VR is a virtual reality technology that display visual images with enhanced reality on the screen. VR create the unreal world which look like reality. Both of them are similar and yet are contrasting among each other.

A new virtual world experience with the latest VR headset

Since the technology has improved and the compatible devices and the corresponding application and software have become closer to each other, the utilization is able to be realized in various applications. Besides amusement such as games, new experiences by using VR have started in various industries such as virtual workspace and scientific visualization, education, and traveling. Moreover, VR has also contributed in field such as training for avoiding danger, virtual reconstruction of historic building that impressed us so much, and other realistic virtual experience that is even more real than a real world.

The event of VR Technology, "Sports on moon surface"

In the future, you will be able to travel to and stay in the moon. In such future, there will be sports created which can only be played at the moon, even there might be a moon Olympic held at the moon. There are some people who come out the idea of the unique sports of the moon by making full use of the VR. 13 teams which were selected from all over the country participated at the “moon sports development” which is organized by three companies, namely Gree, JAXA and Tech Shop Japan. The best award is the idea of stuff shot which utilize the moon gravity and the stuff throwing direction. This idea was inspired with the thinking of “I would like to dunk if I manage to travel to moon!”. Starting from the idea of starting with the gravity of the moon and the direction of flying stuff and is a new sports which is impossible to be played on the earth. This idea is inspired from the feeling of “I would like to go to play stuff shot when I happened to visit the moon!”.

VR disaster prevention technology has achieved this stage! Experience the real disaster

VR is also been utilized in disaster prevention technology. By using VR disaster prevention vehicle which was introduced by Tokyo Fire Department, when you sit on a seat with a VR headset, you will be able to experience the shaky, smell and hot air which come out and feel like yourself are in a real disaster. On the other hand, VR evacuation experience which using the latest VR headset "Mirage Solo" is able to follow the movement with the player whenever they move back and forward, right and left, and even movements such as jumping, crouching, looking in, etc. This allow the player to train their body and sense with the virtual world to avoid obstacles by going around, moving in a low posture in a place with high smoke.

A VR entertainment facility that you can experience in Tokyo

Amusement facility that can enjoy the original VR is being opened one after the other, and most of them are in Tokyo. There are also increasing of numbers of VR which can experience famous animation, games, movies, and also the VR which utilize the other senses instead of only vision. A representative of these amusement facilities is "VR ZONE SHINJUKU". You can enjoy VR which using popular IP such as Dragon Ball and Mario Kart. Others such as "VR PARK TOKYO", "DMM VR THEATER YOKOHAMA", "SKY CIRCUS Sunshine 60 Observation Deck" are some of the popular spot.

Have you experienced VR before which is one of the current hot topics? Introduction of VR Entertainment Facilities in Tokyo.

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