LOWRYS FARM is a brand that loved by many Japanese fashionable girls. There are plenty of trend items which you will wish to own and use it immediately, and there are many stores in popular cities such as Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka. Today, we are going to introduce five recommended items by FUN! JAPAN which are released during this autumn and winter!

Recommended Item ① Wool Chester Coat

It is a Chester coat that you can wear cutely and also can wear with cool style. Chester coat of LOWRYS FARM is characterized by the color variation! There are total 5 colors choices of Pink (left), light gray (right), etc, and all of them are trend colors and classic colors. The material used is able to prevent static electricity.

Recommended item ② Shaggy tight skirt

This warm coloring checked skirt is the perfect matched in this year along with the tight knee length. Although it is a tight, it is outstanding comfort with soft touch feeling. You can wear as top, or also can match with a loose knit to make it a cute style. There are a total of 5 colors available including brown checked (left), yellow (right) and others.

Recommended ③ Plie ripple over

This year, the top wear that are popular in Japan are Ribbed Knitted clothes with frill design with neck and wristband. You just need to wear a skirt and pants as bottom wear, and wear this as tops in one piece. There are total of four colors which all of them are easy matching colors of black (left), red (right), off-white and beige color.

Recommended ④ 3G cable one piece

This is a one piece clothing which is popular every year. It gives the impression of the roughly tied woven cable. It is fashionable to dress thoroughly with this one piece! It is also recommended for you to match it with the booming legging in Japan this year. Short boots or pumps are recommended to be wear on your feet. Ivory (left), black (right), beige, total 3 colors are available.

Recommended ⑤ Corduroy wide pant

Corduroy material which is suitable for autumn and winter is also very popular in Japan this year. New corduroy wide pant is released by LOWRYS FARM. There are a total of 4 colors available. You can match the beige color pant(left) with color knitted clothes, or you may try to coordinate ivory color pant (right) with a light color combination as well.

How do you think of the above new collection by LOWRYS FARM? There are plenty of cute colored items which you will wish to own all of them!

FUN! JAPAN will continue to introduce popular brand fashion. Any requests and comments please kindly write to us at the comment column!