Find information that unavailable in
regular travel guide book here!
Not only tourist destinations and restaurant, you can also read special info and tips.
We divide it to two parts: information that you should check before visiting Japan and information that you should check while in Japan.

-Check before visiting Japan-

1. Japan basic information  

Time difference, currency, climate, emergency contact number and other info.
Check it before visiting Japan. 

2. Japan-style meal  
Before eating real Japanese cuisine in Japan, know more about it here. 

3. Recommended souvenir 
Must-buy souvenir line up. There are items that you can only find in certain region in Japan. Check it before your trip to Japan. 

-Check when visiting Japan-

1. Transportation

Transportation that you can pick to enjoy your limited in Japan to the fullest! 
● How to ride subway 
● How to buy Suica 
● JR Tokyo 1 day pass 
● Japan Rail Pass 
● How to ride taxi  

2. Food
For popular restaurant, you may need reservation.
● How to buy meal ticket  
● Halal Restaurant 

3. Tourist destination
Check out recommended tourist destinations from Hokkaido in the north where snow piles up to 1 meter in winter, to Okinawa in the south where it is warm for whole year. Check it and decide where you wanna go! 
● Michelin Green Guide Japon 
● World heritage  
● Sakura 
● Experience Japanese culture 
● Museum
4. Fun! Japan Words
Learn basic Japanese and have fun trip. 

5. Practical Things 
Nice to know inf
● Free WiFi 
How to buy concert ticket

Fun! Japan team wait for your next trip to Japan!
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