In Japan, various fruits are being produced throughout the four seasons., and the seasonal fruit being produced during September and October is “pear”. Additionally, among the types of pear, the ones being produced are the most famous “20th Century Asian Pear” that possesses 100 years of history. On top of that, “20th Century Asian Pear” ranked first in production volume in Japan among any other pears! Why is it so popular? We will expose that secret now.

What is the color of a delicious “20th Century Asian Pear” ? 

Normally, the color of the “20th Century Asian Pear” is pale green. But the deliciously sweet ones are the pears that have turned slightly yellow in color. It seems that the producers themselves do not eat them while they are green.

What is the reason for the sweetness of the “20th Century Asian Pear” ? 

Normally it is common practice to try to get as many fruits as possible from 1 tree, but that is not how it works with this pear. In order to maximize the sweetness and juiciness of a pear, all the pears other than the good ones are cut off, and only the good ones are carefully cultivated.

Therefore, when it turns slightly yellow, it is the sign that the pear has received enough nutrients and water from the tree and have become a refreshingly sweet pear.

Is it possible to buy it in Malaysia? 

These “20th Century Asian Pear” are generally sold in Japan’s stores. But to get them from outside of Japan is not that easy. Fortunately, from the website below “J’s Agri”, you can order some while you’re in your own country. Please choose from the Tsunemi Shiraiwa Farm~ Given this opportunity, why not try this refreshingly sweet Japanese pear once?

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