“Ichiju Sansai” is a set meal which often to be served on Japanese dinner table. Ichiju sansai (漢字:一汁三菜), literally meaning “one soup, three sides.” Similar to the five food groups in the West, Ichiju sansai is the ideal way of eating healthy. Are you interested to join our gathering to enjoy this Ichiju sansai, and also take this opportunity to join daifuku workshop at an authentic Japanese restaurant?

FUN! JAPAN is delighted to invite you to attend this exciting gathering party with us. The details of the gathering party as follow:

  • Date: Saturday, 22nd September 2018
  • Time: 12:00 – 15:00
  • Registration Fees: RM30
  • Registration deadline: 16th September 2018 


  • Rinjin Shokudo is a pork-free restaurant.
  • Registration fees will be collected upon entering the gathering party.
  • Maximum 30 participants.
  • One “Ichiju Sansai” set meal and green tea will be provided.
  • Invitation and detailed itinerary will be sent to shortlisted participants.
  • FUN! JAPAN Points will be rewarded to all the participants for the gathering
  • FUN! JAPAN reserves the right to upload any photograph/video taken at the gathering session on Fun! Japan website and social media.

Restaurant Details:

Rinjin Shokudo

Living a slow and simple life.
A "canteen" look-alike in Japan.
Cooking simple meal, with great effort.
"Ichiju Sansai" (One Soup Three Dishes) is the main idea.
This is a place surrounded by heart-warming people & good meals; as well as wish to create a warm and welcoming place to connect each other, like home.

Ichiju Sansai

"Ichiju Sansai" set menu of Rinjin Shokudo changes weekly. Most of the dishes served are simple home-cooked meal that commonly found in Japanese family. It composed with four elements: rice, soup, two side dishes and one main dish; all at one meal to complement each other nutrionally.

Imagine that while enjoying an aunthentic set of Japanese family meal in a comfortable and casual atmosphere, it makes people to feel like home and everything connects eventually.

Each week, the chef of Rinjin Shokudo work diligently to prepare 3 different "Ichiju Sansai" for everyweek's menu. From day to day the insistence of using fresh ingredients, to the food plating and presentation; it is because Rinjin Shokudo believes that people who taste the food would also be able to "taste" the great effort put behind. We wish every meal you have here be filled with warmth and sincerity.

Visit the below link for further more details: https://www.facebook.com/rinjinshokudo/

Picture 1: Concept of Rinjin Shokudo

Picture 2: Exterior of Rinjin Shokudo

Picture 3: Tsukune to Onsen Tamago Set

Picture 4: Tempura Set

Picture 5: Side dishes 

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