The Coca-Cola system, with a gorgeous Autumn leaves packaging which complements the Autumn season of Japan, will be release the Coca-cola slim bottle 2018 Autumn leaves design for a limited time from 20th August (Monday) to the whole country.

The product’s beauty can be seen here

Limited release begins from 20th August (Monday) onwards. It is perfect for Autumn excursions and a great company for Autumn delicacies.

  • Product name: [Coca-cola] slim bottle 2018 Autumn leaves design
  • Item type: Carbonated drink
  • Ingredients: Sugar (fructose corn sugar solution, sugar) / carbonated water, Colour (Caramel), phosphoric acid, natural flavouring, caffeine
  • Nutritional values (per 100g): Energy 45kcal, Protein 0g, Fat 0g, Carbohydrate 11.3g, Salt 0g
  • Package/Maker suggested retail price (excluding tax): 250ml slim bottle can/125 yen
  • Sales channel: Supermarket, Convenient stores, restaurants, souvenir shops etc