In 2013, "Washoku (和食/ Japanese traditional food culture)" was included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. The winning express of gentle and healthy Japanese cuisine is based on the use of unique Japanese seasonings!

Seasoning can be easily purchased in convenience stores or supermarkets, and they are the must-have item for Japanese families! This time I will introduce some of Japan's best seasonings to you.

It's no exaggeration to say that soy sauce is the most popular seasoning!

Soy sauce is a seasoning made from grains, such as soybeans, through the brewing technique of fermentation.

Although it is collectively known as soy sauce, it is also divided into various types such as "dark soy sauce", "light soy sauce", "white soy sauce" and so on.

Like soy sauce, miso is also made from soybeans, fermented with salt and other koji.

Miso may aid digestion, skin condition, and has a good effect on people's health.

When having a Japanese breakfast, "Miso Soup" is absolutely indispensable!

Japan's representative "Nihonshu (日本酒)" is not only for drinking but also can be used as seasoning. The Nihonshu can soften ingredients, remove the fishy smell of fish and meat, and add flavor to the dishes. 

The mirin is one of the alcohol seasonings, which is a mixture of Osake (お酒), glutinous rice, and koji.

Compared with Nihonshu, the sugar of mirin is higher, which is why it is mainly used in seasoning juice and soup. In addition, in order to increase the luster of dishes, sometimes mirin may be also used.

These seasonings are often used in the same cuisine.

To reproduce the taste of Japan, please be sure to use these essential seasonings!

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