Coffee Break

Working, tensed, thirsty or simply bored, coffee is something that goes well with all of the above. For most of us, coffee is the first thing we think of. However, we don’t necessarily need to rush to the nearest coffee shops, as there are convenience stores in almost every corner which can provide a decent cup of coffee.

Not only coffee, but a variety of pastry menus like doughnuts and other sweets lining up in shelves are also hard to resist.

Decent Coffee for 100 yen

Decent Coffee for 100 yen

Recently, coffee machines are available in most of the convenience stores in Japan. Not only iced coffee, iced cafe latte, hot coffee, and hot café latte, even frozen juice and frozen matcha milk are also provided in some of the stores.

It is very simple to buy. If you want to buy comething cold, just take the cup with ices from the frozen corner in the shop and go to the cashier. If you want to buy soething hot, then go straight to the cashier and buy the cup. Then go to the coffee machine, place the cup and press the button.

Size available includes S, M and L, and the price is reasonable, from 100~300 yen.

This is not instant coffee, but the coffee of which the beans are grinded and extracted on the spot, is very fresh with nice scent and is perfect for relaxing.

Enjoy the Combination of Japanese Sweet Desserts and Coffee

Enjoy the Combination of Japanese Sweet Desserts and Coffee

There are a huge selection of sweets available at convenience stores around Japan including Japanese traditional sweets.

Cake roll is not only filled with smooth whipped cream but also with an anko, Japanese red bean filling. They somehow match perfectly together.

If you are in the mood for a more traditional Japanese sweets, dango, Japanese sweet dumplings are easy to find at any convenience stores at affordable price.

Sips of classic houjicha (roasted green tea) latte will make you feel comfortable along the sweets.

New Menu in Every Season!

New Menu in Every Season!

Some convinience stores have their own private products, hot snack, or cold dessert like ice cream or parfait like the photo above. They renew their menu every season. Strawberry taste dessert in spring, Matcha or green taste beverage in summer, sweet potato and pumpkin flavoerd desserts and Oden or hot snakcs in winter are so fundamental.

Let’s visit them to find their unique menu for your Japan travel memory.

One thing to keep in mind is that certain products from convenience stores go off shelf very quickly as new products are released almost every week. We recommend to keep your eyes on it during your visit! As your favourite convenience stores sweets might not be there the next time you come to Japan.

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