Japanese creations are known for its simplicity and high efficiency. This signature is further infuses into their lifestyle and daily activity applications. Daiso, is a large franchise of 100-yen stores that is founded in, of course, Japan. Their products are mainly household items, with a range of over 100,000 products. Products are priced at RM5.80 (GST inclusive) each, no matter what do you get from the store. Other than cost effective, you can frequently find smart designs that aim to make people life easier. Don’t believe me? Continue reading!

1 Water Dumbbell

The ultimate savior for people that travels a lot and want to keep fit at the same time. It’s not an easy job to get a gym on demand whenever you’re travelling, plus travelling is exhausting enough to have to deal with, looking for a temporary gym especially in a place that you do not speak their mother tongue is even more troublesome. In addition, it would be pretty silly to stick a few dumbbells in your suitcase. Hence, this refillable water dumbbell is an innovation that brings fitness convenience to all frequent flyers. Kudos to Daiso!

2 Sweat Cloth Pad

Having two obvious dark armpits sweat stains while hustling bustling in town under summer heat is pretty embarrassing. The silver ion particles in the cloth pad absorb sweat particles and letting air through, its unscented property allow user to apply perfume as well! Its easy cut material enables user to cut it in order to adhere it to your coat and other clothing. Best sweaty summer save face solution!

3 Egg Timer

Hardboiled, medium boiled or soft boiled? This little cute egg timer makes boiled eggs not a mission impossible anymore. Just drop eggs and timer in water before heating and wait till color changes to your preferred yolk condition, as easy as that! No more failed eggs from now on!

4 Silicone Garlic Peel

Garlic peeling is mundane and troublesome, and the garlic smell sticks to your fingers for days! To save you from this irksome job, Daiso comes up with a garlic peel tool. Simply cut off the bottoms, stick them in the peeler, push down from above and roll. And taadaa! No more garlic problem!

5 Jar Opener

Now you can stop wrestling with that strawberry jam jar in your fridge. This tool comes with two opening sizes, it can work with a regular water bottle sized of opening or a jar up to 2-3/4in diameter.

6 Clothing Vacuum Seal Bag

You are going to love Daiso whenever you have to pack your belongings, whether you are moving or traveling. Ever have the problem that your baggage weight allowance is not maxed up yet but damn, there is really no more space in the suitcase. All you need is this vacuum bag, simply place folded clothes into one of these pack and vacuum sealed it with the provided valve. It compresses fluffy clothing into 3 times lesser than the original occupancy. Vacuum storage avoids unpleasant smell and the growth of unwanted microorganism too!

7 Easysealer

Never have to eat soggy potato chips the day after opening up a new pack! This sealer is powered by AA batteries, it could be used to seal packets made of aluminum, polypropylene, polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride up to 0.1mm thick, which means basically every common snack package materials! Using method is very simple as well: press and hold the sealer for 3 seconds to heat up, hold the bag and slide the sealer from one opening to the other in order to seal it up.

8 Tube Squeezer

This tube squeezer is going to mollify your morning rage. What is worse than being forced to wake up early to a busy day ahead and have to deal with the first challenge of the day in your own bathroom. No more squeezing with much irritation. This squeezer push out everything in the tube without causing any scene!

9 Animal Design Cord Wrapping

It happens that in a household every single member has at least two electronic devices that need charging. It is not uncommon to see cords lying around plug point area like loose yarn balls, in need of sorting. These cute designed cord wrapping enables you to organize your charger cords accordingly, makes it easy for room cleaning too!

10 Gardening Knee Pad

No more hurting your knees trying to care for your tomato plants in the garden. Or it could also be a perfect utilitarian Christmas present for an elder with green fingers. And what’s better, it’s only RM5.80!

Summary: 10 items from Daiso that make your life instantly with only RM5.80. Nobody likes peeling garlics, or squeezing toothpaste out of the almost empty tube for hours. Invest RM5.80 on these smart designed household items that is going to make your life 10 times easier from the day of purchase is not too much to ask for, at all! 

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