A bowl of piping hot Japanese curry is the ultimate comfort food for many of us. It is flavorful and mild spiciness natures make it very well accepted by folks of all taste preferences. It is very popular among little kids too, makes it super easy for moms to satisfy their picky little princes and princesses. It is commonly seen in Japanese restaurant menus and even Japanese convenient stores bento area in Malaysia! Little did we know, this delicious Japanese cuisine way of making is revised by the Japanese to have it super easy and convenient to prepare at home too! The preparation plus cooking time is literally 10 minutes, no kidding!

The curry roux is the main ingredient

The magic of Japanese curry comes from this rectangular box of curry roux that you could easily get from a Japanese grocery store or any general Asian grocery store. There are several Japanese curry brands in the market but to be honest the flavors are pretty alike that I wouldn’t recommend you to fuss over which brands to buy. It normally comes with 3 different levels of spiciness: mild, medium, hot. They are generally pretty mild in spiciness as Japanese curry has a rather sweet undertone and it is made to accommodate consumer of different age groups.

The curry roux cubes are solid under room temperature

Curry roux cubes adopt the same technique that is used in preserving chocolate bars. It requires fats to solidify the liquid to be stored in room temperature and to be packaged into bars. Once it receives heat from boiling water it will dissolve and become delicious smelling curry broth!

Prepare the meat and vegetables

Preparation is flexible and easy as well. You can make it with any type of meat you like: chicken, pork, beef, or lamb! If you’re feeling vegan, tofu and mushroom go well with this thick flavorful curry broth too!

As for vegetable selections, onions, carrots, and potatoes are among the commonly used ingredients.

Cooking tips: cut all vegetables and meats into same bite-sized chunks for them to get cooked more uniformly and also for kids to consume safely.

Japanese curry dish contains all needed nutrients: protein, fiber, carbohydrates, and fats!

Let the roux do the basic job and fine tune the flavor for your preference

And the next thing you have to do is to mix all ingredients in a pot, add in water and some other additional seasoning to your taste. Those that like it to a little saltier, soy sauce would be a good choice. While some likes to add in some ketchup to make it more children friendly. Or a little black pepper to spice thing up a little! However, as the curry roux cubes are already packed with flavor, to begin with, minimal of seasoning is required to retain the originality of Japanese curry.

Let’s try to make this Japanese curry yourself

Such an easy one-pot cooking solution! And what’s more? Leftover Japanese curry can be packed into a lunchbox for the next day for work or school. Some even say that overnight Japanese curry taste even better. To figure out? Try it yourself! Head to your closest Asian market to score one of this easy making curry goodness!