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Ohaiyo Gozaimasu~ (good morning~ )

Honda Malaysia has done several of activities and events 

On the 23rd January 2018, Honda Malaysia has continued to retain its No. 1 position for Non-National segment for 3 years in a row. It was one of the main brand favoured by Malaysians referring to the quality build, after sales commitments as well as affordable price for the average Malaysians. Even Honda Malaysia has done several of activities and events to cater to all owners as well as prospect who plan to buy a Honda. 1 of the example is The Honda Hybrid Family Road Trip.

How famous is a Honda? Even my whole family (relatives) is using Honda hehe~

I like Honda because of the “evergreen” design. In fact you will never get bored of the “ol-skool” design. 1 of my favourite design was the CRX. Since it was considered as a classic car, you can see that the price has not dropped even it is almost reaching 30 years!!!

And since the price is so expensive; and you have to pay it in cash to buy it here in Malaysia (banks here do not accept loan application for cars that is more than 5 years old), I opted for the “younger version” which is the CRZ (refer to Episode 01). Quite similar on the design right? =)

Got new car on the market? I will sure test drive it~

Since 1 of my interest was to test drive all new cars that is offered to the market, I managed to test drive a few of the Honda models. That includes the previous Honda Jazz, Honda Jazz Hybrid, Honda HR-V (also known as Vezel in Japan), Honda Civic 1.5 Turbo (FK8) as well as the all new Honda Civic Type R (FK8R). Then I will put a simple comments based on the test drive session to share with my friends on how the car works especially on the specifications.

Different models in different countries

Not all models was introduced to the Malaysian shore. Looking at our neighbour’s fleet of Honda models, it seems that there is 01 particular model which we, Malaysians didn’t get a chance to see, which is Honda Brio. I managed to have a test drive during my visit there at Thailand. It was cute and at the sametime, easy to drive due to its small body. Design wise kind of similar to the old Honda Civic (EF). Probably it was a newer version perhaps?

Hybrid brings me the best feeling with immediate G-Force

During the period when I owned a Honda Hybrid, that was the best feeling ever since it was definitely my 1st time experience driving a hybrid. It was really joyful to have that immediate G-Force pull without having those Force Inductions (Turbo/Supercharger). But still my next target would be the all-motor B18CR on a CRX. Kind of saving money for that by the way hehe~

So do you own a Honda? Have you tried other Honda models as well? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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