There are various EC websites including Amazon, Rakuten, ZOZOTOWN, etc in Japan. Each company has its own characteristic and sales offer for their customer. Today, we are going to introduce the EC website with "products" such as fashion specialty, home appliances, etc.

"Amazon", an EC website which has variety of products

Amazon (*), the EC website which having the No.1 sales in Japan, is a comprehensive website which dealing has variety of products such as books, home appliances, PC software, toys, peripherals of personal computer, etc. It is famous due to its delivery speed. Depending on the product, you may get your item delivered to you on the same day you order by using "Same day delivery service", or even get your item delivered within an hour after you place your order by using the premium member service, “Prime Now”.

Various products on sold! Coupon is available! Use "Rakuten" if you aim for better deal

“Rakuten”, the EC website which has various categories of products. Unlike Amazon, the business model of the “Rakuten” is "mall style" and operated by different retails shops/sellers, therefore they will compete with each other for the lower price, and you might have chance to get the products at a cheaper price compare to other seller. There are also "coupons" and “flash sale item” which are available at this website. If you check through the website, you might got chance to buy the thing you are looking for at cheaper price!

"ZOZOTOWN", popular EC website for apparel

"ZOZOTOWN", a fashion-oriented EC website that officially sells approximately 6,000 branded items. “ZOZOTOWN” achieved as the No.1 sales in Japan as a fashion EC website (※). It is also characterized by having coupon and “TIMESALE” which up to 80% discount for famous brand for a limited time.

"" which is famous for home appliance

"", the number one sales in Japan for home appliance website. Besides home appliance, “” sells household goods and books as well. The feature of “” is free delivery service to all areas in Japan, besides you can also set the delivery date freely, either the same day you order or the next day you order the products. If you use "Gold Point Card Plus", you can earn up to 10% of the rebate points of your purchase. Even if the unit price of the item is higher than other website, sometimes the total purchase might be cheaper if the free shipping fee and point rebate is taken into consideration.

(※) Information taken from “Netto Hanbai Hakusho” in September 2017'