Fry, boil, bake, eat raw · · · The egg cooking method of Japanese is so colorful! It even surprises the foreign travelers to Japan when seeing the various egg dishes served on the dining table. Today, we are going to introduce you the egg dishes which could only be found in Japan! For those who love to eat raw eggs, this will be your favorite dishes.

Raw egg is a must when eating sukiyaki!

Raw egg is a must when eating this steamboat dishes, Sukiyaki. The eating method, firstly, break the raw egg into a bowl and stir it with chopstick. Then, dip the beef, leek and other ingredients which is cooked and dip into the raw egg and eat it. The taste of food will become mild by dipping raw egg. Alternatively, you may put rice and stirred egg into the sukiyaki pot and make it as your last dishes of Sukiyaki meal.

Simmered dishes: "Hard-boiled egg" which always put in Oden

Oden (おでん), the simmered dish which simmer with ingredients such as fish paste, Satsuma-age (deep-fried ball of fish paste), Tsumire, vegetables such as radish and potatoes, thick fried tofu and etc. The soup base of Oden is usually cooked with bonito and kombu. It is a home cook dish which always served by Japanese families. Among the ingredients, hard-boiled egg is a must for oden. The egg will be boiled in other pot in advance and the egg shell will be peeled off. Then, the said egg will be simmered in the oden soup and fully soaked in the oden soup. The hard-boiled egg is the most popular ingredients among the oden’s ingredients and it will be more delicious to eat with Karashi (mustard).


The popular breakfast in Japan! Rice with raw egg

The most popular breakfast dishes in Japan is rice topping with raw egg. All you have to do is just to put the raw egg on the cooked rice as topping and stir it well with chopstick after adding some soy sauce. In Japan, rice with raw egg is as popular as the special soy sauce for this dish is on sale, and this dish is served as breakfast even at hotels and inns. In general, Japanese loves to eat raw eggs in Japan but will tend to avoid eating raw eggs in oversea to avoid any food poisoning.

Various dishes such as Oyakodon and Onsen Tamago(soft-boiled egg)!

 “Oyakodon (親子丼)” is a rice bowl dishes which is rice topping with cooked chicken and stirred egg. The naming of “Oyakodon” because this dish using the ingredient of chicken (parent, 親) and egg (child, 子), and it is one of the popular home cook dishes which could remind you the home cooked food prepared by mother.

Besides, “Onsen Tamago” is also one of the popular dishes, which has the egg white in halfway solidifying condition and the egg yolk part is in a semi-hard condition. It is called as Onsen Tamago (Onsen=Hot Spring) because it is often cooked by using hot spring water or steam. In fact it is not only sold at hot spring area but also available at convenience stores and supermarkets.

Other than the above introduced dishes, there are other popular egg dishes such as "Omuraisu" which is tomato fried rice wrapped in omelette eggs.

If you come to Japan, please try out all the egg dishes introduced by us!