Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza, the so called Karuizawa Outlet, is among the best shopping plaza to bring you a wonderful experience in Japan. In our previous article, I tried to tell you WHY you should visit this outlet shopping mall.

In this article, I will try to tell you HOW you can enjoy this shopping mall more if you visit this place. These are the places that you might want to utilize during your visit.

(1) The information center, if you want to get some extra discount.

Please ask for the “PRINCE COUPON”. It contains discount for shops, restaurants and facilities around this area.

(2) The prayer room, if you are a Muslim

If you need a prayer room, you can either book the prayer room at the information center near the JR Karuizawa once you arrive to the Karuizawa. Or, you can make a phone call when you reach the place. The staff will come and open the lock.

 After using the player room, please fill in the form, and left the room unlock.

(3) The nursing rooms and the kids park, if you have babies or kids or babies

This shopping outlet makes sure that families with kids enjoy shopping here too. There are at least 50 baby strollers stand by at the information center.

There are 5 nursing rooms available in this plaza. However, you might want to use the one near to the food court as it is the most spacious and equipped with 4 private rooms. It is also located strategically convenient for other family members to access shops or food court when you take care of the baby.

For toddlers, can either visit the NAMCO Asobi- park indoor playground or the outdoor kids park

(4) The Adidas or the Timberland, for shoes lovers

According to the staff from the Adidas shop, the shoes are selling good to tourist from Asian countries.

And of course, Timberland is a place you should not miss. I am wearing Timberland, and I found a similar model during my visit. The discounted price is just so cheap that I have to ask if that is the price for 1 pair? Or 2 pairs?

The price for 2 pairs was actually lower than the normal price for one pair! (Please note that the discount and price might change when you visit this shop)