Hello! Friends of Fun! Japan,

Did you read the article [New Travel Style “FLY & DRIVE”] from Fun! Japan? If you haven’t, please have a read. This time, Nippon Rent-a-car, the sponsor of the [New Travel Style “FLY & DRIVE”], is offering coupons for driving trips in Japan.

As known from its name, Nippon Rent-a-car is a company who provides rental car service in Japan. In recent years, it has gained a high reputation among foreign due to the high numbers of centers it has in all over Japan and its excellent services. There are a lot of Malaysians who use its services too.

Let’s participate in this campaign and win the coupons from Nippon Rent-a-car!


By the way, do you know the benefits to travel in Japan by using a rental car? We are going to explain more here for people who know not much about what is good by traveling using rental car. If you could tell us benefit other that, please share that with us in the comment.

(1) Travel expenses

a. Transportation

When you are traveling in a group with your family members, as the expenses will be divided by the number of passengers in the car, the transportation fee will be less compare to other methods of transportation in many cases. Even if you include cost of the highway tolls, parking, petrol etc.

b. Cost for coin locker

If you are using public transportations you might need to put your heavy baggage in the locker. If you are using a rental car, heavy luggage can be kept in the trunk(boot) of the car and coin locker is no longer necessary. Even when you are considering buying a heavy souvenir at a tourist destination, you have nothing to worry, right?

c. Other costs as well

Needless to say, not only tourist spots but you can also visit supermarkets, restaurants, etc., if you travel by using a rental car. You can control your food and souvenirs expenses according to your own budget by visiting places accordingly.

(2) A lot of freedom

a. You can go anywhere.

Even if the spot you want to visit cannot be accessed by using train, bus or bus tour, you can still visit there if you have a rental car. Besides that, if there is a specific landscape that you want to stop by, if you are driving a rental car, then you can stop by at that place and enjoy taking beautiful pictures and videos, before continuing your journey.

b. Plan your itinerary according to your preference

You can go everywhere, so you can adjust your itinerary to your preference. You can go places, even in the middle of the night or early in the morning.

1. Campaign outline:

The giveaway coupons are for those who plan to do driving trip in Japan before December 31, 2018. A 10% discount off the basic car rental fee will be given to participants who do not win the prizes. Outline is as below. Please click on “Join Now” to participate. Winner will be selected depends on the answer of the survey after clicking the “Join now” button. Please share to your friends who are visiting Japan!

● Campaign Period

12th January – 4th February 2018

● Prizes

The first price: Rental car coupon worth 10000 yen (3 prizes)

The second price: 10% discount off the basic rental fee for those who do not win

● Prizes can be used

Until December 31, 2018

● How to use

The instruction will be sent to the email address registered with Fun! Japan after the campaign.

2. How to participate

It is easy to participate in this campaign.

  • Register or login at Fun! Japan website.
  • Click at “Join Now” which is at the end of the page, fill in the form and submit.

Please feel free to leave a message if you want to know more about the campaign. You can also email us at [email protected]

3. Terms and Conditions

  • Participant must be at least 20 years old, Malaysian or Permanent Residents currently residing in Malaysia, and possess a valid international driving license according to the Japanese law.
  • The travel expenses in Japan are to be borne by participants.
  • Winners will be notified via email address registered with Fun! Japan. Acknowledgment must be returned within the period stated in the notification email. If not, prize will be considered invalid.
  • Prizes are non-transferable.
  • Any person who is related to the campaign is not eligible to participate/win.
  • If there is weather trouble, natural disaster, war, riot, flight schedule change and other things that change drastically or cancel the trip, Fun! Japan shall not give any compensation.
  • FUN! JAPAN is not responsible for accident, food poising, theft and any other incidents that may occur during the trip.

This campaign is now finished.