[Campaign details]

Campaign period: 10/1/2018 ~ 28/2/2018

Winner: 1 person

Prize: 35000 miles worth a round ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Japan

Winner notification: Winner will be contacted after campaign finishes via FUN! JAPAN

★Please read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS written in bottom of this page.

 [How to Join the campaign]


Enroll FUN! JAPAN JMB card as follows.

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For FUN! JAPAN Members

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Please log in to FUN! JAPAN website first and then, click here to apply

for JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) card

・If you ARE currently logged into FUN! JAPAN website

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For Non- FUN! JAPAN Members

Please register to FUN! JAPAN Member first from here and

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Apply to this Campaign

1 Register or login to FUN! JAPAN website and click “Join Now” in the bottom of this page. You can apply to this campaign only once.

2 Answer the survey and submit.

3 Share this article and make it public on your Facebook feed with your comment “why you want to visit Japan” and include #FLYwithFJ



●This campaign is open to public.

●Should be FUN! JAPAN member AND FUN! JAPAN JMB Card member

●Should be Japan lovers with Malaysian nationality who live in Malaysia.

●The age must be 20 years or older.


●35,000 miles enough to redeem round trip tickets from Kuala Lumpur to Japan will be credited to your JMB account, so we will ask you to let us know your JMB number.

●If you cancel FUN! JAPAN JMB card before Miles be credited, you are not eligible.

●The validity of mileage is 36 months.


●Winner of this campaign is 1 person

●When we have many participants, winners shall be selected with consideration to their number of applications, number of FUN! JAPAN Rewards and FUN! JAPAN Personality Test answered, favorites, shares, comments and their comments content inside this article and FUN! JAPAN website.

●If there is weather trouble, natural disaster, war, riot, flight schedule change and other things that change drastically or cancel the trip, FUN! JAPAN shall not give any compensation.

●FUN! JAPAN is not responsible for accident, food poising, theft and any other incidents that may occur during the trip.