Hiragana is the first thing to remember in learning Japanese. We will talk about Hiragana in this article.

[1] What is Hiragana?
[2] How to remember Hiragana? (together with Kanji)
[3] How to remember Hiragana? (flash card)

[1] What is Hiragana?

Hiragana (平仮名 or ひらがな) is one component used in Japanese writing system. Basically Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana are used when writing the Japanese language. Hiragana are made by simplified and borrowing the sound Kanji.

Examples of each component:

“安全” is written in Kanji.
“あんぜん” is written in Hiragana.
“アンゼン” is written in Katakana.

When reading those 3 types of writing system, you will pronounce the same sound, which is “AN-N-ZE-N”.

[2] How to remember Hiragana? (together with Kanji)

Hiragana was hard for me to remember when I started learning Japanese. I found that if I connect the Hiragana to the original of its Kanji in my mind, I can remember Hiragana better.

Example of how I remember.

The is “a”.

If you are learning Japanese language, “あ” is the first letter you learn. If you keep imagine the Kanji “安”, then “あ” will be easy for you to remember, right?

This is “ka”.

“加” is the origin of “か”.

This is “fu”.

“不” is the origin of “ふ”.

[3] How to remember Hiragana? (flash card)

I seldom used flash card during my learning process of all the subjects. But flash card really worked in putting all those Hiragana into my brain.

Step 1: Prepare flash card. Write one Hiragana at one side.
Step 2: Write the sound of that Hiragana at the other side. Make the same for Hiragana-s you want to remember.
Step 3: Shuffle it randomly. Try to read the Hiragana at each flash card. Then, repeat it until you can remember them!

That was how I learnt the Hiragana. How was your learning process? Do you remember all the Hiragana in 3 months? Or it took you 3 years? Share us your experience during the learning process!