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 We know you love online shopping! That is why we prepare you a campaign this month. Get a chance to win this coupon, and enjoy your shopping in this wonderful online shopping website.

 This is not a normal campaign! Besides the winners, all other participants get 5% discount (with minimum purchase of 5,000yen) in this website!
 So, if you join this campaign, you will either get a 5,000yen online shopping coupon, or get 5% discount if you buy for more than 5,000yen!

[Campaign details]

Campaign period: 15th August ~10th September 2017
Winner: 3 people
Prize: 5,000yen online shopping coupon (around RM195)
*You can use it at
*Coupon valid until 30th September 2017.

[How to win this coupon?]

[1] Apply to this campaign.
*You can apply only ONCE.

[2] Participate in this Rewards Survey #18 Buy in Bulk
*The answer to this Survey will be considered when we choose the winner.


- This campaign is open to public.
- Participants should be a Japan lover with Malaysian nationality who live in Malaysia.
- The deadline to use this coupon is 30th September 2017
- Coupon should not be transferred, traded or shared to third party.
- The 5,000yen coupon or 5% discount coupon is only applicable to the product price and can be used only once. *Shipment price is not applicable.
- The 5,000 yen coupon winners are required to write a report about his/her shopping experience in WOAH! JAPAN.
- Please share this page in your Facebook. The “like & comment & share” in your Facebook, will be one of the consideration when we choose the winners.

This campaign is now finished.