Today, Kanto Festival has been developed into a competition for the enthusiasts who are willing to show their skills in balancing the Kanto, of which the weight can reach around 50 kg. During festival, the city main street turns into a sea of lit lanterns with thousands of people enjoying the performance. The Kanto players are trying to balance the bamboo poles on their heads, hips, shoulders, even on their heads along with the chants of traditional music.


Despite its unpopularity among foreigners, this festival is widely known in Japan. People come from far areas only to see and enjoy the festival. If you don’t live near Akita city and are planning to come watch the festival, don’t forget to book hotel from few weeks in advance, considering hotels are usually fully booked few days before the event.



Event’s name : Kanto festival
Address : Akita City
Phone: 018-888-5602
Dates: Beginning of August, every year
URL: http://www.kantou.gr.jp/index.htm