There’re many world-famous cosmetic brands from Japan. Do you have any Japanese cosmetics? At this time, we will check female college student’s cosmetic pouch! She shows us every item that she has in her pouch, and we found some surprising items! She shows us how and when she uses these items!


Eyelid Tape Is Essential for Trick Makeup

People usually use eyelid tape in a morning, so we ask her why she brings eyelid tape with her, and shy says, “Just in case. If eyelid tape falls off, I can’t keep my double eyelid, so I bring it with me for just in case I need to put it again. But I’ve never needed to use this eyelid tape before.” Quality of products are great. This is Japanese quality! We thought she uses ANESSA for sunblock, but she uses this item as a primer. It can use in 2 ways! She uses this product well!


The Point of Fixing Makeup Is “Glowy” and “Watery”

She fixes her makeup after having a lunch and before leaving campus. The point is that keeps freshness, but also focusing on “Glowy” and “Watery” look. Representative item of “Glowy” is eyeshadow from CEZANNE and highlighter from CANMAKE. Representative item of “Watery” is chap stick and lipstick. Her chap stick is “Water in Lip”. This is standard for Japanese women and “Water in Lip” is sold by many different brands. She uses the newest lipstick from CANMAKE. This lipstick is so cute, and she puts them many times.

All of above can buy at drugstores, but you might find them at big convenience stores, too. Japanese college students enjoy their makeup with low-cost but high quality cute cosmetics!