Infused with both tradition and modern style, Salon Ginza Sabou is one of the best places that mastered Matcha sweets.

With just a minute walk from Ginza Station, TOKYU PLAZA GINZA is a 13-storey building that houses a wide variety of shops such as restaurants, fashion and general shops. This article features a popular shop of this shopping mall- SALON GINZA SABOU. As you can see in the photo above, the shop is separated into restaurant and shelves area where it showcases a variety lineup of gifts, wines and potteries.


1 Sabou Parfait\1100 Yen

Sabou Parfait is well known as the signature menu of this shop. This unparalleled beautiful design is created with a traditional wooden box ‘Masu’. The wooden box’s top is covered by a thin chocolate sheet. Its elaborate pattern is totally artistic! But you have to crack it to eat the inside, just like the picture below. 20170825-15-04-salon-ginza-sabou
The ingredients are mascarpone cream cheese, rice puff, chestnuts, warabi-mochi and matcha jelly. The taste was greatly harmonized, sweet and bitter are so well-balanced that you can enjoy a lot of complexity at the same time!


As many of you might know, DORAYAKI is a Japanese traditional confection. For the Salon Ginza Sabou version, its outer layer is made with the a high quality branded rice flour ‘Yukihotaka’. The inside layers consist of sweet red bean paste and matcha flavor cream. This taste perfectly suits with green tea and surprisingly, coffee!




This is also an authentic Japanese confection which is filled with white bean paste. Type of white bean paste changes depending on the season and according to the shop staff’s recommendation, NERIKIRI goes well with green tea.


4 Mild Green tea TAMAYURA\1200YEN


This green tea is one of the most luxurious tea brands from ‘Green Tea Farm Inokura’. Fancy and mellow, the taste cannot simply be described by words.
If you take this order, shop staff will pour in the green tea in front of you with an explanation of how to pour boiling water for a refill. By following the explanation, you are able to enjoy refills with a different taste. At last, you can even eat the tea leaves. I recommend this tea even for those who don’t like a green tea’s bitter taste. Please do try!

(The above photo’s beautiful plate is made by Kutani Seiko that is famous Japanese pottery!)

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Hours: 11:00~22:00 (Last Order: 21:00)
Address: Ginza 5-2-1, Chuo-ku, Tokyo