Cool off with refreshing matcha recipes

Uji Kintoki shaved ice,
Moto-an style

This popular summer-only refresher is served at the Moto-an tea house operated by Marukyu Koyama-en. The matcha syrup tastes light and pure; poured over ice, it makes a bracing dessert that will help you beat the summer heat.


(Makes 2 to 3 servings)

1 Chill serving bowls in refrigerator. Sift 2½ Tbsp matcha powder and 100 g sugar together in a bowl. Gradually add 100 ml ice water, whisking until sugar dissolves. Cover syrup airtight and chill in refrigerator.

2 Use an ice-shaving machine to fill each serving bowl with a fluffy mound.

3 Add red-bean paste as desired, and top with a generous amount of matcha syrup. Add condensed milk if desired.

Source " KATEIGAHO INTERNATIONAL Japan EDITION Spring / Summer 2017 vol.39 "
Special thanks to Marukyu Koyama-en
Photography by Sadaho Naito
Text contributions by Sang Mi Kang and Aki Hirayama
Food preparation by Kyoko Imai, Yuki Uenoyama, and Yuko Koyama
Styling by Yuko Magata