Trendy Healthy Food Diet in Japan

Japan prides itself on one of the top nations for the longest life expectancy. What is then the secret of long life, aside from the pursuit of elixir which is deemed, for sure, impracticable? Indeed, the fact is that, Japanese always pay special attention on what they eat to stay healthy themselves. From the East Asian perspective, healthfulness is as equally important as tastiness whenever it comes to eating. In this article, we would like to introduce four most trending healthy food that is highly rated by Japanese people in 2017

(1) Diet Menu: Hot Water Served with Spices 

Considered to be good for one’s health after the spread of Ayureveda – an Indian traditional therapy study – to Japan, hot water served with spice (supaisu paitan; スパイス白湯) is also known to have positive beauty effects on women. A more common use is to consume one glass every morning before breakfast, which is said to stimulate the digestive system and prevent constipation.
You may fret over whether it is difficult or time-consuming to self-make one yourself. But you are totally assured that the recipe is much easier than to bake a cake. With one-fourth small spoonful of curcumin – a chemical that gives flavor of ginger and is used often as a dietary supplement in Japan – , some equal amount of coriander, as well as 100 – 150 ml hot water, the drink is ready.
Other benefits of the drink include banishing one’s tiredness and fatigue, raising blood flow and metabolic rates.

(2) Diet Menu:“Third Generation” Yogurt

Yogurt is universally acknowledged to be rich in protein, but coconut yoghurt, which is low in fat and free from additives, is even more nutritious and healthy. It is perhaps because of its higher nutritional values than an ordinary yogurt that it has won a name of “Third Generation” Yoghurt, or daisan no shinkakei youguruto (第三の進化系ヨーグルト) in Japan.
The most noticeable characteristic is that, the food contains only botanic ingredient, as the yogurt is done by fermenting the botanic lactic bacteria only in the coconut milk. Rich in coconut oil, “Third Generation” Yogurt gives its consumer a sense of fullness more easily, and is thus popular among overseas celebrities.

(3) Diet Menu: Ghee Oil

Another food that is almost as sought after as Third Generation Yogurt is Ghee Oil. The food may sound unfamiliar to you, but Hollywood Stars and Supermodels who are highly conscious of their beauty indeed consumes it on a regular basis.
Refined through boiling the butter to remove water and protein therein, ghee oil contains concentrated vitamins and minerals, the energy of which is converted more readily than some ordinary oil. It is for this reason that girls are more than happy to keep themselves physically fit by taking in the palatable ghee oil.

(4) Diet Menu: (Kanga)roo Meat

If you are an avaricious carnivore but fear gaining weight, you can try the kangaroo meat (also called “Roo Meat” in Japan, taken just the last syllable from the word kangaroo) which has currently been gaining ground in Japan.
Imported from Australia, “Roo Meat” contains richer protein, lower fat and cholesterol than beef, pork and other counterparts. The kangaroos are captured in the wild instead of being farmed thus the meat produced is free from additives and antibiotics. Consumers are also assured about the hygiene issue as all food exported from Australia must comply by the stringent rules of the government.
“Roo Meat” is not only healthy, it is also tasty. You may be addicted to its texture after one refreshing bite. Kangaroo Meat on skewers are yummy, too. People with cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, or those who are on a diet can enjoy the gulp of it, after having been forced to restrain themselves from fleshes for long!
I guess your stomach is about to rumble, after reading so much info about the pleasant food. It is time for a healthy, stylish feast!