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Do you know UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage?
UNESCO created it so that the cultural heritage without any tangible form can be protected and its long history can continue.
The popular French gastronomic meal is one of its examples. 
By the way, do you know that “Japanese-style Meals” or “Washoku” (和食) is also registered as UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage? “Washoku” itself here means Japanese traditional food culture.


The thing from “Japanese-style Meals” that Memmy thinks you must try is “One soup three side dishes” concept or “ichiju-sansai” (一汁三菜). The main purpose of this concept is that it provides you nutritional balance and healthy.
With vegetables as the star of the meal, it becomes a low-calories meal. Eating ichiju-sansai definitely help in preventing obesity and creating longer-healthier life.
Another interesting point about Japanese-style Meals is the frequent use of seasonal ingredients. With using most delicious ingredients in each season, we can feel the spirit of each season and we will not get bored.


Here is the photo of “ichiju-sansai”. You can see that it is composed from rice, soup and three side dishes.


The beginning of “Japanese-style Meals” all over the world started with trend of delicious healthy meals with low calories. People also have greater interest in feeling four different seasons from meals, its amazingly beautiful presentation and its various cooking methods. That’s why, many Japanese restaurants are opened abroad these days.

Not only the appeal of “Japanese-style Meals”, many Japanese restaurant fans say positive things as the reasons of the restaurants popularity such as:
“Japanese restaurant is clean”
“The service of the staff is great”
“The interior is beautiful”
“Going to luxurious Japanese restaurant can be a good status symbol”
and many more.


The most popular menu are sushi, takoyaki, yakitori, udon, tempura, ramen etc.


Is there any Japanese restaurant near your place?
If yes, please experience the depth of “Japanese-style Meals” by yourself.

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