Day 3 : Watanabe Farm – Lake Mashu - Mount Iozan – Lake Kussharo

Enjoy onsen early in the morning at hotel

In our day 3 Hokkaido trip, me and Kwan-san woke up in 530am for the onsen (hotspring) in the hotel. The onsen is on the 8th floor of the hotel, so you can view the amazing scenery while having yourself relax in the onsen.

After enjoying the Onsen, we had our breakfast and walked around the hotel. The weather was so nice and you can feel the cold breeze when we were around the hotel. 

Before we checked out from the hotel, we took a photo with Mr Shigeru and Mr Kensuke and thanked them for their warm hospitality.

We made our own butter at a farm in Hokkaido

We continue our journey of the day to Watanabe Experience Farm where you can experience the cow milking and feeding, butter and ice cream making. We are welcomed by staffs with smiling faces at Watanabe Farms. The smell of the farm was very comforting.

The first activity we did in the farm was tractor ride. We hopped up onto the wagon for a ride around the property. All the cows were peacefully munching on grass and hanging out in their beautiful fields.

After a very windy ride around the farm we headed back to the main building for butter making. It was basically a magic trick. Five minutes of shaking produced a perfect little ball of creamy butter. We were given some Ritz crackers to spread the butter over and taste the fruits of our vigorous shaking.

We also milk the cow!

We were giving the chance to experience milking a cow. The best part was seeing all the happy and surprise faces when the milk came out.

After milking the cow, we were given a fresh milk to drink. Then we proceeded to the next activity, the ice cream making. We all had to take turns mixing the ice cream up, it was a hard work! We went to the barn for a little cow feeding and petting after the ice cream making.

Lake Mashu: Among the clearest lake in the world

We visited Lake Mashu after experience some exciting farm activities.
Among many lakes in Hokkaido, Lake Mashu is especially beautiful. It was the clearest lake in the world. To me, this was a truly amazing feeling to witness a natural scenery that could exist only in our imagination.

We had a short rest in the Lake Mashu rest house. We bought some souvenirs in the gift shop. Emi-san bought us the Hokkaido melon to taste and it was so delicious and juicy!!! My mouth overflows with drool now recalling back how yummy the melon taste.

Before we went to Lake Kussharo, we stopped at Mount Iozan. Mount Iozan is located between Lake Kussharo and Lake Mashu, its entire mountain is made of sulphur. Smoke of sulphur made was making roars here and there on the mountain. It was an eye opening experience!

Dig you own onsen in Japan?

We continue our road trip to Lake Kussharo, Sunayu Onsen. “Make your own Onsen by digging sand”. Yes, you have to dig the sand and make a hole in this Sunayu area, you'll have a natural Onsen. We tried it and the water under the sand was indeed warm. If you dig deeper, then the water was burning hot! Hot spring water wells up from underground!

On the way to our hotel in Utoro, we stopped in the middle of highway to see this brief but indescribably beautiful sunset. By looking at this, I had this feeling that no matter what happens, everyday can end beautifully.  The trip like today was only made available by using the rental car. (A good car & service that Nippon Rental Car provided.)

Girls chat is never ending even in Japan


We checked in our hotel in Utoro and had our buffet dinner. At night, Kwan-san, Priyanka-san and I had a girl’s chat in my room with some snacks and tea. After some time, Kwan-san and Priyanka-san back to their room to rest. I’m glad that we can spend some quality time to know each other even more on that night. 

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