[A] Easy access: It save your time and energy

When you are traveling, you want to use most of your time and energy for your main purpose! If one of your main purpose is shopping in Japan, then you should not miss this Karuizawa Outlet. You can travel with around 70 minutes from Tokyo Station via Shinkansen to reach here. The outlet is just around 3 minutes by walk from the Karuizawa Station!
If you have a JR Railway Pass, you can travel here with no extra charge. Even if you do not have it, the ticket is not that expensive too.

* Friendly reminder, please book your return Shinkansen train ticket in advanced, as it is always full!

[B] Good facility: This Outlet Try It’s Best to Serve You.

This outlet put customers first. Here is the proof.
They prepare lockers everywhere. With all kinds of size. The big one can fix your large suitcase.

They prepare ATM for you to withdraw money. Your “MEPS” and “PLUS” ATM cards from Malaysia are usable here.
(Well, be careful, as the “no more cash” can not be the reason to stop you from buying things anymore ^^ )

Of course, you have the access to free Wi-Fi too

Wheel chair, baby stroller can be borrowed.
*Toilets are everywhere (more than 10 toilets in good locations)
* prayers room, and kids’ playground are also available.

[C] Good Food: The Nice Environment, and the Fabulous Taste

You have many choices.
Here I show you two of them that I like.
The Hareta Sora No Terrace and the Lindt Chocolat Cafe!



This is the Hareta Sora No Terrace Restaurant. Or can be called Hareterra.

The interior design is just nice. A wooden calm ambient space for you have a lunch break, before you continue your shopping.
Do not expect an expensive price tag. It is reasonable! The lunch buffet is only 2,200 yen for adult, and 1,400 yen for children. And here I show some of the food that you can have here. All you can eat!



The second shop is the Lindt! The famous chocolate shop from Swiss.
I love the ice cream (soft cream)! If you ask me what I will buy for sure if I visit here again? Then the answer will be “This Ice Cream!”.


[D] It is Huge: The Space that Make You feel Comfortable

You know that there are a lot of people (because the train station is packed with people!) But you will not feel uncomfortable during your stay here. As the shops, the restaurants, the pathway is just wide enough to let you move comfortable.

The pathway is wide enough.

Example, this shop has a high ceiling. You will for sure enjoy the shopping here.

With the brilliant space design in this outlet,
- the restaurant and food court is busy but still relaxing for your lunch even during peak hour.
- no long queue for the female toilets

[E] Brands

Here are some of the brands that you might want to take a look
Champion, Under Amour, and the Samantha





Of course, you can always find a sales banner like “70% OFF” at almost every shop!
That is what we call this kind of place, the Outlet!

For brands, I have no enough space here to list up all the shops. But you can look at these:
Shop list: http://www.karuizawa-psp.jp/en/shopguide
map: http://www.karuizawa-psp.jp/common/pdf/all_data.pdf

[Outlet details]

Phone: +81-267-42-5211
Nearest station: JR Karuizawa (軽井沢)
Holidays:no holidays
Address: P.C. 389-0102 Karuizawa, Karuizawa Machi, Kitasaku-Gun, Nagano-Ken, Japan