Smartphone has become an inseparable part of our daily lives and even though most smartphone are quite powerful in terms of what they can do, it doesn’t hurt to spice it up with some accessories. While here in Japan’s 100 yen shop, you can get most these super handy accessories for an inexpensive price.

1.Smartphone Case



Usually, you’d like to buy a super durable or designed smartphone case for protecting your phone, but they are often very expensive. I recommend you to buy a smartphone case at 100 yen shops. You might think it looks too simple as they are lack of design. However, because of it’s simplicity, you can decorate the smartphone case by yourself with your favourite design or stickers. Another great thing about these 100 yen phone cases is that, you can change your case quite often because of how affordable it is.

2.Smartphone Stand


Whenever you are watching videos on your phone, don’t you want to leave your hands free? At this time, a smartphone stand will for sure be useful and of course, a 100 yen shop can get you ready for this . This smartphone stand comes in a charging slot so you can continue to enjoy watching longer duration videos without worrying about your battery level. Moreover, you can put the charging cord inside the stand for tidy up your charging space.

3. Attachable Wide Angle Lens



Phone camera has become so important that it is an feature that cannot be taken away. When front facing camera was introduced couple years ago, the evolutionary invention changed our photo behaviour dynamically as more and more “selfie” are being taken. Yet one thing most front facing camera can yet to overcome is the lack of range when the photo are to be taken with more than 3 to 4 people. In this scenario, the 100 yen shop offers you a super convenient wide angle lens that could fit more people inside your picture frame. You can attach it to your rear camera as well!

4.Audio Splitter Cord



Have you ever experienced the situation that you want to share your favorite music with your friend with playing on your phone? At that time, you can use this item to “share” audio source to each of your earphones.

5.Smartphone Speaker




In a similar scenario when you want to share your music with your friends, you can make good use of this speaker. The most amazing feature of this speaker is that it does not require any battery, which means you can use it anywhere, anytime. The spheric design can also add a hint of modern feeling to style your room too!