Christmas is approaching! Even though Christmas is an event of Christian, but since most of the Japanese don’t bonded with any religion, they celebrate whatever event which is interesting! Especially Christmas is considered a very important event for Japanese. However the celebration of Japanese is completely different with the European! Today we are going to show you the unique Christmas celebration by Japanese. If you are a Japan’s fan, maybe you will consider to do the same?!

Japanese will eat a lot chicken?! And is the chicken menu of a fast food restaurant!

It is common to eat turkey during Christmas season. However since it is difficult to get a turkey in Japan, Japanese will eat chicken instead of turkey to celebrate Christmas. 

Moreover, the most popular chicken menu during this Christmas season is the fried chicken of a fast food restaurant!! It might be unbelievable for you that the most popular menu for Japanese is fast food dishes. Besides, you can see the long queue at this fast food restaurant during the Christmas season and Japanese willing to wait for an hour or two to purchase it. It might be a funny scene for a foreigner but the fried chicken is really nicer and delicious to be eaten during Christmas season. May be you should give it a try!

Christmas is a romantic day to be celebrated the loved one!

In Europe, Christmas is an important event to be celebrated with family. However it is defined differently in Japan! In Japan, Christmas is the most romantic day to be spent with their lover. There are a lot of couple package available at hotels and restaurants, and you need to do your reservation soonest possible as it will be fully reversed one month ago. Besides, Christmas is also an important day for Japanese to give luxury gift to their loved one. On the other hands, for those who still single they will really try their best to get a boyfriend or girlfriend to celebrate Christmas together. May be "Get a lover before Christmas" is the most common slogan in Japan.

What if you couldn’t get a lover before Christmas? The answer is… The Christmas will be canceled?!!

Christmas is such a lovely day in Japan. So what happened to those who doesn’t have a lover?

Don’t need to worry about that as you know Japanese is a very considerate race. Some of the shops and restaurants will reject couple customers, and some of them are willing to give a higher pay for those who doing part time on Christmas in order to console their staff who do not have lover. The social media website always spammed by the message of “this year Christmas is canceled!” since many internet surfer is single. Of course, everyone here will like to cancel Christmas if there is no lover to celebrate together, am I right?

The liveliest day of Christmas season is on Christmas eve on 25th instead of Christmas Day on 24th!

Christmas is on 25th December. However in Japan, Christmas Eve is the most important day during Christmas season. For example, the long queue to buy fried chicken at a fast food restaurant, the day when couple celebrate a romantic day, even the day those single consoling each other are falls at Christmas Eve on 24th December. You can only find those restaurant with the quiet atmosphere just like the atmosphere after a big festival finishes. Some of the restaurant which is efficient are already changing the decoration to New Year decoration on 25th December. If you want to figure out the Christmas feel in Japan, it is too late if you go on 25th December because you can only feel the Christmas atmosphere on Christmas Eve!

Somehow Japanese like to eat shortcake during Christmas

The dessert to be enjoyed during Christmas at each country is different such as pie or cookies in USA and Stollen in Germany. So how about in Japan? In Japan, it is very common to eat shortcake during Christmas season. This culture is said to be started from a confectionery shop which trying to promote their shortcake by creating the slogan, “Let’s eat cake to celebrate Chrstmas!”. There are a lot similar case in Japan such as the culture of giving a chocolate as valentine gift, which is also started from a chocolate company’s promotion campaign.

Even for this Christmas cake, it is commonly to be purchased and eaten at Christmas Eve on 24th December and the leftover will be on sale on Christmas day, 25th December. By the way, the girl in Japan which not yet married on 25 years old described as the leftover shortcake on 25th December. In Japan, Christmas and love have the important relation between each other in Japan.

What do you think about Christmas in Japan? It is strongly recommended for you to travel to Japan since there are a lot of illumination lighting, Santa Claus and Christmas tree, etc which decorates the towns and streets in Japan. You can enjoy it either come together with lover, friends or family members. Of course, do not miss out the opportunity to have a look at the long queue at the fast food restaurant!