Talking about food that represents Japan, the first thing that cross our mind for sure is sushi.
Sushi is used to be a luxury food for Japanese.
Even though there are some inexpensive sushi restaurants, but most of the Japanese eat sushi only during special occasions because sushi meal is expensive.
Kaiten sushi (conveyor belt sushi) is a place which allows people to casually enjoy eating sushi at a lower price.


At the kaiten sushi restaurant, you can take any sushi plate that are rotating on a conveyor belt.

Some of the sushi restaurants serve varieties of sushi with different prices depending on the plate colour, and some restaurants serve all menu with the same price, so be sure to check when you enter the restaurant.

Nowadays, more restaurants will allow you to make orders if the sushi that rotating on the conveyor belt doesn’t suit your appetite.
Some of these sushi restaurants can be very entertaining, especially when the sushi plates are rotating on the fast conveyor belts right in front of your eyes.

There are also some sushi restaurants which allows you to place order through the touch panel placed at the table.


Maguro (tuna) and other types of fish are usually served by most of the kaiten sushi restaurant.
Please do not worry because only sushi that are safe to be consumed raw are served at sushi restaurants.


If you are not fancy with raw fish sushi, you can still enjoy having sushi meal at these sushi restaurants because there are many types of sushi that use ingredients other than fish such as corn-mayonnaise, tuna-mayonnaise, egg, shrimp, and kappa maki (cucumber roll). Some restaurants even serve side dishes such as deserts, fruit, and fried food on the conveyor belt!

Nowadays, the quality and service of the kaiten sushi restaurant have been improving, and they are extremely popular among Japanese who love delicious sushi.

We strongly recommend you to visit a kaiten sushi restaurant if you have the chance to visit Japan.

 ※This article was published at November 2014.※