Hi guys, this is Aoshiso!

In Japanese Nightlife Series Vol. 6, I am going to talk about an adult shop called “Condomania”, at where you can get Japan’s quality adult items.

What kind of shop is “Condomania”

“Condomania” is in Harajuku, Tokyo. It is at where cafes of tapioca milk tea, the drink that has taken Japan by storm, concentrate. “Condomania” is easily recognisable for its chic exterior! It is so lovely that you cannot imagine it is filled with adult products inside.

A warm welcome by the lovely character at the entrance! It is the mascot of Condomania indeed.

The shop is bright with tasteful brick walls! Enjoy shopping condoms from Japan and overseas.  

This original T-shirt is also cute! The printed words say “Harajuku” in Japanese.

“Condomania” makes you feel like home, you can freely browse and shop adult products with your friends and your important one.

The adorable “Condomania” original items!

Check out the original condoms if you are at “Condomania” – they are cute but practical, perfectly good as souvenirs! Now, let’s look at some exclusive goods at “Condomania”.

Sunrise (6 pcs)

Printed with the mascot of “Condomania”, a standard, classic choice.

Seanes, peach flavour (4 pcs)

Condoms with peach flavour. It looks so decent but cute, which is great as gifts for friends!

Seanes, sweety strawberry flavour (3 pcs)

The same series but with strawberry flavour. The humour on the package is funny as well.

Seanes Orange juice and chocolate bar (3pcs each)

They look like juices, simply adorable! There are two choices-orange and chocolate bar. The size is absolutely small and easily portable, what about putting one in your bag as…?
Sweet-shaped condom

Condom with a lovely smiling face in a sweet-like package. It is the perfect gift to fake!

So, how is it? “Condomania” are full of lovely original items! The made-in-Japan condoms are especially popular among international visitors. Come and pick your funny choice!

Spot Information

  • Address: 6-6-8, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  • Business hours: 11:00 am – 09:30 pm
  • How to get there: 3-min walk from Meiji Jingumae station, subway Chiyoda line; or 10-min walk from Harajuku station, JR Yamanote line