~Participating in Sport Events & Traveling in Wakayama · Tokushima ~“Sightseeing x Exercise” at the Running Course of the Castle!

If you are planning to participate in the sport events in Wakayama or Tokushima, we recommend you take a run at the running course, where you can combine sightseeing and exercise that will satisfy your mind and body.

What’s the World Masters Games 2021 Kansai? 

The World Masters Games 2021 Kansai is an international sport athletics competition. Any lifelong sports lovers who are over 30 years old can participate in.

The World Masters Games will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2021 and that year, the event will be held in Kansai Japan, the first hosting in Asia! Why don’t you join the Games while enjoying the natural and cultural charms of Japan?

The events to be held in Wakayama and Tokushima are as follows;


  • Wakayama City: Dance Sports, Sailing (Yachting, Windsurfing), Volleyball (Indoor)
  • Hainan City: Shooting (Rifle)
  • Tanabe City: Athletics (Ekiden (road running relay))
  • Kamitomita Town: Athletics (Half marathon)


  • Tokushima City: Bowling, Golf
  • Naruto City: Golf, Weight lifting
  • Awa City: Golf
  • Ishii Town: Bowling
  • Kamiyama Town: Golf
  • Naka Town: Canoe (slalom)
  • Miwa Town: Triathlon (Triathlon, Aquaron)

Did you find any event you really like? It’s ok to just watch!

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Access to Wakayama and Tokushima

Do you know that access between Wakayama and Tokushima is surprisingly good?

Hainan Ferry

There’s a 2 hour voyage between Wakayama Port and Tokushima Port by the Hainan Ferry. The ferry is suitable for those who are worried about using trains with transfers. If you use the ferry, you don’t need to transfer at all and the ferry fare is only 2,000 yen, cheaper than a train ticket!

2 km beginner-friendly running course around Wakayama Castle

Ideal short distance course surrounding the magnificent moat and castle

The course surrounds the moat of Wakayama Castle, which was owned by the Kishu Tokugawa family. The family was one of the most well-known families in Japan, Tokugawa Gosanke (three families). You can feel the prestige and history of Gosanke while running around the magnificent moat, which is made of stones and has been refurbished from era to era.

Less traffic signals and flat, so easy to run

This course is a flat and easy-to-run course and has ups and downs only around the intersection in front of the prefectural government building. The course is only 2 km in length. It is perfect for a cooling-down exercise after competition!

3.9 km running course in the middle of the greenery around Tokushima Castle Ruins

You can run and enjoy the seasonal scenery and beautiful Tokushima Castle

This course encircles Shiroyama (castle mountain) at Tokushima Castle Ruins, therefore, you can run while enjoying the seasonal scenery. You can find roses, azaleas and cherry blossoms depending on the season. This 3.9 km course starts from the station and goes around Shiroyama and is suitable for a warming-up exercise before competition.

An attractive course with wide roads close by the station

This course includes the 1.7 km outer circumference of Shiroyama and the roads of the course are flat and wide. The Tokushima Central Park where the Tokushima Castle Ruins are located is close to the north side of Tokushima Station. So, it is a very easy-to-follow course and popular.

Notes for tourism spots are introduced here and sport events

Athletics events will be held at the Wakayama site and triathlon at the Tokushima site.

Feel the history, and take in the scenery. Participation in the games will invigorate your mind and body. Please comment & share your experience with everyone!

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