Tokyu Hands Shibuya shop recommended items! From fountain pens to highlighters! 3 types of recommended Pens Part 2

Tokyu Hands has a wide range of items such as stationery supplies, kitchen utensils, interior goods and cosmetic products, just to name a few. Besides Shibuya store, there are also stores available around main areas in Tokyo such as Shinjuku store (Times Square), Ginza (Marronnier Gate), Tokyo (Daimaru Tokyo store), which are very convenient and easily accessible stores for travelers. Today, we are going to introduce high-tech ballpoint pens with smooth writing comfort and a highlighter pen, which emphasize on color quality!

The feature of smooth writing comfort! Mitsubishi Pencil Jetstream 05 black, 162 yen (tax included)

The Mitsubishi Pencil Jet Stream was characterized to have a smooth writing comfort that you will be addicted to. The pen is equipped with newly developed ink, compared to existing oil-based ballpoint pens, means it can write smoothly with low writing pressure and resistance regardless of the writing speed.

Furthermore, since the well-dried quality on a copy paper has improved, the drying speed of the ink is faster. You won’t stain your hand in case you touch the drawn line. The increasing the amount of ink outflow also increases the drawn line thickness! It is also excellent in water resistance and light resistance because it contains pigment in the coloring material. Besides 0.5 mm, the pen is available for 0.38 mm, 0.7 mm or 1 mm thickness. The pen is also available with a wide lineup including red, blue, lavender, sky blue, light pink, apricot color, and more. It is a recommended souvenir item.

A pale color marker! Zebra mild liner 5 colors WKT7-5C, 540 yen (tax included)

When we mentioned a new highlighter, there are many people that think about bright yellow and pink felt tips. However, this item is gentler in color comparing it to the conventional highlighter, and special feature of this pen is that the color, which when drawn on the paper, won’t be too harsh on your eyes. There are total of 15 colors with five colors being slightly fluorescent, five colors being astringent mild and five colors being mildly fluorescent. It is also an attractive feature that both pens come with both 4 mm thickness and a fine specification of 1.0 to 1.4 mm. The above pictures are pictures of a five color set of mild pink, mild yellow, mild blue, green, mild blue and mild orange.

The perfect weight, which is not too light and not too heavy. Platinum Procyon #52-2, 5,400 yen (tax included)

This is a new brand PROCYON, which was released by Japanese stationery manufacturer "PLATINUM PEN CO. LTD".

Although it is a screw type, it is characterized to have an air-tightness pen tip cap, which prevents it from drying. With this pen, you can write with the smooth, fresh ink at any time. In addition, since the pen body is made with aluminum material, the body isn’t too heavy which allows users to use it for a longer time. The pen tip is a pentagonal shape, which is a moderate shape at the pen tip, which allows for smooth writing comfort like a gold pen. The body is colored with a glossy paint that imitates porcelain, with five colors of Deep Sea color, Porcelain White color, Turquoise Blue color, Persimmon Orange color, and Citron Yellow color. It is recommended souvenir for yourself or for a close friend or family member.

■ Store name:

Tokyu Hands Shibuya branch

■ Address:

12-18 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0042

■ Business Hour:

10:00 ~ 21:00

■ Holiday

No fixed holiday

■ Access:

8 minutes’ walk from JR "Shibuya station", Hachiko entrance


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