Well, we gotta make something for the fans!

Poll! Let’s make a poll, then!

OK, the design has been decided! Seems like the fans like this design, huh!

Now that the design’s been decided, we have to start the manufacturer right away.

Start with building the factory!

Gather the materials!

Purchase the machines!

Buy the yarns!

Get the fabrics!

Start sewing! Keep sewing!

Print the designs!

Only good products for our fans!

An also quality check!

This is obviously an amazing item!

Even 10456 sheets of paper aren’t torn when stuffed inside this bag!

The 36×45×13cm size seems to be the best! (about 12 liters)

This many stuffs can be put in the bag!

There is even a small pocket for small items!

This bag is really a multipurpose bag!

Wait, something’s written here!

恥ずかしい時は被る。(When you’re embarrassed, you can cover yourself with the bag!

When you’re taking a rest, you can avoid being disturbed!