Would you like a quick way to relax when you are tired from work or housework? Getting a gentle shoulder, foot, or back massage can make you feel much better and more relaxed. For this, we recommend you buy some of these Japanese massaging products. This article will introduce to you to our top 5 Japanese electrical appliances to help you feel more relaxed and refreshed.

A massaging cushion filled with massaging balls and a built-in heater

This massaging cushion contains four massaging balls to help you to relax stiff muscles. The cushion allows you to change the intensity to the level you desire and feel the most comfortable with. There is also a heater function, which will make you feel warm and as if you are receiving a real massage. The secret to this product is the pyramid shape, which allows you to be comfortable no matter what position you are in; whether you are lying down or sitting up, you will feel relaxed. The massaging cushion is very portable, so you can take it to your workplace or even when you travel!

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  • Official name: Lourdes massage cushion S AX-HL148 (ルルド マッサージクッション AX-HL148)
  • Selling price: 8,023 yen (tax inclusive) (around RM300)
  • Maker: Atex
  • Product number: AX-HL148
  • Medical equipment license number: 221AGBZX00224000
  • Size: Width 360 x Height 360 x Depth 145mm
  • Weight: Approximately 2kg
  • Heater settings: Maximum 50℃
  • Timer: 15 minutes auto shut down
  • Accessories: AC adapter

The Air Massager which massages your entire leg from your foot to your thighs.

This air massager not only massages your toes, feet and calves; it massages your entire leg up to your thighs. The knee massager “wrapped knee style” and the thigh massager “wrapped thigh style” can be used separately or combined. If you combine them, all 12 of the important massaging points of the leg can be massaged at once. The heater function and the new specially invented foot mat can warm the whole leg while it is being massaged. This special feature allows you to be relieved of any stress accumulated in your legs, through massaging techniques used by professionals.

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  • Official name: Air Massager Leg Reflation EW-RA96 (エアーマッサージャー レッグリフレ EW-RA96)
  • Selling price: 8,023 yen (tax inclusive) (around RM300)
  • Maker name: Panasonic
  • Product number: EW-RA96
  • Medical equipment license number: 228AHBZX00014000
  • Size: Width 780 x Height 810 x Depth 300mm (leg massager)
  • Weight: Approximately 2390g (controller + leg massager left & right)
  • Air pressure: Weak: 36kPa, Medium: 44kPa, Strong: 54kPa
  • Heater settings (when the room temperature is 20℃): Low: 37℃, High: 40℃
  • Accessories: Foot pad, shin pad

A Massager that massages the Neck and Calves with a rotating massaging ball

As the name suggests, this is a pillow-shaped massaging cushion. There are four massaging balls inside, which give you a massage that feels very human-like. There is also a built-in heater which allows you to feel warm and relaxed while being massaged. It is compact and can be charged using the power supply of your car. This allows you to carry it around and use it while you are out if your car is nearby.

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  • Official name: DOCTORAIR 3D Massage pillow S MP-001 (deep red) (ドクターエア 3DマッサージピローS ディープレッド MP-001)
  • Price: 9,000 yen (tax inclusive) (about RM330)
  • Maker name: Dream Factory
  • Product number: MP-001
  • Medical equipment license number: 228AHBZX00006000
  • Size: Width 340 x Height 180 x Depth 115mm
  • Weight: Approximately 1.2kg
  • Voltage: 13W (5W if heater only)

Help your dry Eyes to replenish their moisture using Steam

This is a face care equipment which helps you to replenish the moisture in dry eyes caused by long hours of desk work and other life activities. While warming your eyes with its built-in heater, it focuses on replenishing the moisture of your eyes by using steam. This increases the moisture level of your eye’s Stratum Corneum, making you feel rejuvenated. There are two operating modes available; one is high mode at 40℃ and the other is low mode at 38℃. There are also three rhythms to choose from, allowing you to adjust the timing of the steam to your preferences.

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  • Official name: Eye Esthetic Steamer EH-SW66 (目もとエステ EH-SW66)
  • Price: Around 16,980 yen according to kakaku.com (please refer to the website for the actual price) (about RM630)
  • Maker name: Panasonic
  • Product number: EH-SW66
  • Size: Width 141 x Height 63 x Depth 110mm
  • Weight: About 195g
  • Operation duration: 2 times per full charge (around 12 minutes per use)
  • Voltage: AC 100~240V (50-60Hz)
  • Accessories: AC adapter, Head band

Massage chair with a built-in 2.1ch wireless speaker

This is a compact massage chair featuring high quality massaging properties and a built-in speaker. It will help you to relax by giving you a massage and playing your favorite songs. The massaging mechanism is split into two mechanisms; the “neck - shoulder mechanism” and the “back - waist mechanism”. The massage chair will also massage your pelvic area. There are three courses offered by the massage chair; each lasting around 15 minutes. 

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  • Official name: LOWSTYLE Massage Chair AS-LS1 (ロースタイルマッサージチェア AS-LS1)
  • Price: About 85,320 yen according to kakaku.com (Please refer to the website for the actual price) (around RM3200)
  • Maker name: Fujiiryoki(フジ医療器)
  • Product number: AS-LS1
  • Medical equipment license number: 228ABBZX00148000
  • Size: Width 650 x Height 920 x Depth 1030mm
  • Weight: About 35kg
  • Heater: Maximum 50℃
  • Timer: Automatic shut down after 15 minutes
  • Voltage: 40W (15W if heater only)
  • Neck and waist massaging course: Around 30 ~ 40 minutes/session
  • Connection system: Bluetooth version 2.1