Horror & Mystery Series Vol. 12: Short Horror Stories Around the Web, “Hotels”

Good news, the series is back on a regular schedule, and I will be bringing you horror and mystery stories right from Japan. So far, the short stories from around the Japanese websites have been very popular, so this week, we will bring you more. This time is themed around “Hotels”.

A Worn-out Hotel and A phone call

A Worn-out Hotel and A phone call

Just one quick story.

This is the one I experienced 5 years ago in Nagoya during a business trip.

I went on a business trip together with several work colleagues, among them was a junior A-kun.

It is said that A-kun has a sixth sense.

And he is also simply a ladies’ man (not related to the story)

We stayed at a business hotel (for cheap accommodation), but it is kind of unbelievable.

It was a very worn-out hotel; a kind of hotel that a ghost would appear.

Several days into the business trip, we finished the day’s work and headed back to the hotel.

I was opening my notebook to continue the work in the guestroom when my cellphone rang.

As I looked, it displayed that A-kun was calling.

The phone was flashing orange on the screen properly, I remember seeing it for real,


As I answered the phone, all I could hear was the white noise.

Even when I said “Hello? Hello~?”, there was no response.

Ah, here it is… I thought.

When I listened carefully, it is as I thought, I heard a man groaning.

I couldn’t make out what he was saying.

But the groaning voice was there within the white noise.

I hung up the phone.

Then I called A-kun right back.

A-kun said (at the time) he was outside.

He told me something like this…

When he arrived at the room, the light wasn’t on.

But when he called the hotel’s front desk, the light turned on by itself.

However, right after that, this time the door could not be opened, and he couldn’t go outside for a while.

When he thought that this was weird, he realized there might be a ghost in that room and felt a little unease.

This is why A-kun was outside at the time to breathe some air…

Which means that ghost was the one calling me…

At that moment, I realized that the ghost was right behind me, uneasiness suddenly came over me.

I thought in my mind as if to communicate with the spirit, “Get out! Get out! You are in the way of working!”

That was kind of uncool, I thought.

Looking back later, the call history did not have the one call from A-kun that should be there.

A ghost using a telephone? Very high-tech for a ghost.

However, I still remember that when that incoming call was ringing, the screen was flashing orange all the way to the back lamp.

From user xDo09lwb0 on 2-channel web forum, Scary Stories Collection 115


No calling history means that the ghost might have imitated a call, or just played a trick in the author’s mind at the time. But why would it tried to appear as A-kun though… We may never know the ghost’s motives.

Let’s move on to the next one.

Tangled Hairs

Tangled Hairs

This one is kind of old.

It was 20 years ago when I stayed at a business hotel in Chofu city. I just got out of the bathtub and drank too much beer, so I went to the toilet, then “that” happened.

I finished the toilet business (fortunately) and as soon I finished flushing, the light went off.

It was pitch-black, I rushed to open the door but after taking 5 steps, I panicked.

The toilet was merely 1x2 meters wide.

It should have been impossible to walk 5 steps.

I think I ran at full speed. 5-6 seconds into running I felt something around my hand, but I didn’t pay attention and kept running. Maybe 10 seconds had passed I suddenly hit a wall (?), I ran into the room and hit the wall in front of the sink.

I ran out of the room without looking back, hitting one of the hotel staff in the elevator hall, and fainted (this is what I heard from the hotel, I don’t have any recollection of it).

When I regained consciousness I saw one of the hotel staff with a pale face desperately calling my name.

I tried to regain composure and explained the situation, then I could see his expression changed so obviously.

There was a strong feeling like “What on earth?” but because I was kind of drunk for real, the hotel staff was like “Are you certain you did not just see things, miss?”.

However, my legs were all shaky from running, and the hotel staff’s expression was not ordinary as well.

Suddenly, I noticed that his gaze was around my hands.

I turned my eyes to my hand, then I froze in place.

There were countless hairs around 30 centimeters long tangling around my hands.

I had hotel staff picking up my belongings for me and checked out right after.

I didn’t want to get close to that room again, and I couldn’t stand being in the hotel anymore.

I just wanted to leave so much that I didn’t even feel like asking the hotel.

The hotel did not explain anything, and they did not charge the cancellation fee either.

I think they did not want to ask about the details.

Perhaps something also happened to others in the hotel beside me.

I still have hesitation about closing the toilet door.

It has been quite a long time since this happened, but I still never go anywhere close to Chofu City even now.

From user gfauoNGv0 on 2-channel (2ch) web forum, Scary Stories Collection 137


Well, if you can run for 10 seconds without hitting anything in a small toilet with closed door… you might not be in the toilet after all. Hmm, there are some urban legends about certain places being portals to other worlds… maybe I should tell you sometime. But until next time, stay safe and sound!

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