Second life after retire

There are a total 24 hours in a day. Besides 7 hours of sleeping hours and 8 hours of working hours, how do you utilize the remaining 9 hours? “Time” is the fairest thing for everyone regardless of the identity and background, as there is only 24 hours for everyone. Excluding the working and sleeping hours, your life will be wonderful if you can utilize the remaining 9 hours, even your second life after retirement will be wonderful as well!

Nowadays, people with exercise habit is increasing. Especially most of them are enjoying exercise with their favorite sports. Good health can be gained by doing exercise. Besides, we could make friend with those who has the same exercise habit. For example, dance sport is advertised aggressively by the artist and mass media, and as such many people are practicing the dance sport with their friend as one of their daily routine. Besides, the participation in a marathon tournament has also become popular in recent years. Various competitions are being held one after another. There are marathon lovers who subscribe to participate in overseas marathon contests. This will be a nice experience for them, at the same time they can travel abroad with their teammate.

For World Masters Games 2021 Kansai, the venue for the sports events for dance sports, sailing (yachting), sailing (windsurfing), volleyball, shooting (rifle), athletics (Ekiden) and athletics (half marathon) are in Wakayama Prefecture. While practicing hard for the events, let's take a look at the recommended tourist spots in Wakayama prefecture!

World heritage which absolutely cannot be missed ~ Koyasan

It only takes approximately 2.5 hours if you go directly to Koyasan from Kansai International Airport. After arrive at Koyasan, you can visit few attraction spots on the mountain by bus. In 816 AD, the great teacher, Kobo Daishi started Shingon sect of Buddhism. He trained at Koyasan, and founded Kongobuji Temple. Kongobuji Temple is an important Buddhist sacred place, and also known as the most important sightseeing spot in Koyasan. The length of "Okunoin Sando" is about 2 km which the place where Kobo Daishi passed away is at the end of this “Okunoin Sando”. Besides, there are many important tombstones and memorial monuments along “Okunoin Sando”. It is just like a path which can allows you to look back the history of Japan. This is also a recommended route for autumn leaf viewing. Besides, “Danjogaran” is the symbol building of Koyasan, and “Konpondaitou” which in vermillion is also amazingly beautiful. You will feel that your heart is cleansed after traveling around Koyasan.

One of the three hot springs with oldest history: Shirahama Onsen! Shirarahama which has inpartnership with Hawaii’s Waikiki Beach!

Six outdoor hot springs of Shirahama hot spring are also famous. Among them, "Saki no yu" with the history of 1350 years is the most recommended hot spring. While enjoying outdoor bath and beautiful ocean view, you could enjoy listening the sound of the waves that strike on the rock. The scenery where the sea and the sky are in the same blue color will become the memorable scenery in your life. Also, when you enjoying your bath at "Muro no yu" which is the most representative hot spring of six outdoor hot springs, you get to enjoy two types of hot springs “Mabuyu” and “Miyukiyu” together at the same time. It is said in the history that Emperor Tenji, Emperor Jitou and Emperor Monmu also went there to enjoy the hot springs. Besides there are also some footbath at the outdoor hot spring, which you can relax eliminate all the tiredness after the tiring trip.

Shirahama Beach is definitely the most famous beach in Kansai. If you visit there, you definitely cannot miss the beautiful scenery of "Sandanbeki" and "Senjojiki" which is just nearby. The cliff with 50m height, the hitting wave from ocean, and the most mysterious cave which caused by the erosion of seawater are all the unmissable scenery at there. You can also enter the cave and enjoy the sightseeing. The sandstone which being attacked by erosion for many years has formed the shape of “Senjojiki” which is similar to tatami. These spots are the spots with magnificent view which you definitely cannot miss!

At Kuroshio Market, you can watch the tuna dissecting show in front your eyes which you watch it on television broadcast.

"Kuroshio Market" is a recommended place for gourmets and for those who like seafood. Besides the fresh seafood, there are a lot of dried seafood which can be brought as souvenirs. You cannot miss the tuna dissect show which will be performed three times a day. Beside watching and enjoying the show by shouting “Wow! Wow!”, after the dissect session finished, you can buy it on the spot too. There is also a barbecue area at outside which you can grill and eat the fresh ingredients you just bought. Also, do not forget to buy and try the “Hobai”(plum) and “Mikan”(mandarin orange) which is famous in Wakayama. You can enjoy the sea view while enjoying the sea breeze, eat the delicious sushi and fresh seafood, and drink plum wine. This luxurious fun will be worth for you to work hard in order to enjoy it!

Work hard seriously, while enjoy life seriously

Create your favorite hobby and exercise, and you will find the buddy to enjoy it together and make your life more wonderful!
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