Hello!! I am Neji. 

This is NeG (screw in Japanese is “neji”).

From the NeG official website

What is NeG??

NeG is a “screw transformer” robot made from screws (“neji” in Japanese).

From the NeG official website

Currently, models 1go~6go are available, and can be dismantled and combined.

Especially the “6go” is a robot which has the parts that enable combination of all 1~6go NeG.

In total, there are 25 parts.
*NeG1go has 10 parts

(what a maniac talk……) 

Who created NeG??

The developer is Shintaro Yamamoto, the CEO of Okouchi Co., Ltd., a metal processing company located in Watarai-cho, Mie Prefecture.

From his aura, one can know that he loves robots!

The reason for the birth of NeG

Why is NeG created? It is said that because he wanted to teach his son how to do welding, and when he looked at the extra screws, the idea came to him.

The revolution of NeG

First, he further created the 2go, 3go to increase the variation.

Then, as he felt like to assemble all NeG together, for 6go, he prepared the joining segments and this became the revolutionized jumbo NeG. By combining them together, these small screws can serve as weapons, how “romantic” they are.


“Just combine them anyway,” said the CEO, who, just like how you imagine, is the mid generation of robots.

From NeG official website “1 piece for today”

“I want more people to have interest in welding through NeG!” The CEO who has such a great passion, is actively giving workshops at schools or kindergartens. 

“Sitting NeG”, created by a girl who attended one of the workshops 

From now onwards, how would you like to further develop NeG?

CEO: First the enemy will appear. Now the screw is Phillips and its enemy is flat screw. Usually they are against each other, but please think their relationship is like Big G and Noby which can be good friends in movies. 

And here’s the new series.

The prototype of the rival, (-) minus/flat.

From the official Instagram 

Wow, what is this, his view of the world. Although it is surreal, it is very interesting…

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