"Yakitori" is a Japanese cuisine which chicken are cut into one bite size, seasoned with sauce and salt and skewered and then grilled with charcoal fire. In Japan, it is known as a very popular menu and served at most of the Izakaya because it is delicious to be eaten together with beer. Even though it is called as one bite yakitori, but actually it has various menu which cooked with different parts of chicken, with the various sauce. Today, we are going to introduce the history of this cuisine, Yakitori! If you read this article before eat Yakitori, you will definitely enjoy eating Yakitori even more!

It was founded during Edo period

Even though poultry such as ducks, quail and pheasant have been eaten from long time ago in Japan, “Yakitori” was only introduced as a cuisine in the cooking book called “Gouruinichiyo Ryourisho”( 合類日用料理抄 or Classified Daily Cooking) in year 1682. After that, Yakitori restaurant started to be established in Meiji Period. It is said that every piece of Yakitori is served in the size of 3 to 5 centimeter, mainly for chicken organs yakitori. 

Yakitori getting more popular with the introduction of broiler

Yakitori was gradually known by ordinary residents during Meiji period and Taisho period, and was spread the most at year 1954. It is said that the introduction of chicken broiler has allowed the large quantities output. Since the mass production has allowed the ingredients to be get in lower cost, more Izakaya and Yakitori restaurants are opened one after another. Therefore, Yakitori has become a popular menu as many of them will "Enjoy a beer and yakitori on their way back home from work".

Besides dining at restaurant, Yakitori is also available in supermarkets and convenience stores

Recently, the number of yakitori chain restaurants is increasing, besides yakitori is also sold at cooked dishes corner in supermarket and cashier area in convenience store, etc which can be served at home easily. In addition, there are also special local yakitori menu in all over the country such as Muroran (Hokkaido), Fukushima, Kurume (Fukuoka). In 2017, "World Yakitorimpic" was held, where gather all the Yakitori specialty restaurants nationwide in Firenze for a competition. The standard price is 120 to 160 yen for each yakitori skewer.