Speaking of the classic breakfast menu, it is toast that is very easy to prepare. From the recipe of using whatever is in the fridge to one with lots of ingredients, let’s try out these simple and time saving recipes, and enjoy the delicious toast!

1. Cheese cake style toast

Mix 3 tablespoons of sweetened yoghurt with marmalade jam and spread on the bread. Top with sliced cheese and spread more marmalade jam. Bake the bread in toaster for about 5 minutes till it turns a bit brown. The yoghurt get into the bread and make it soft like soufflé. If you use sugar-free yoghurt then add a little sugar. Use lemon juice in case you don't have marmalade jam.

2. Kimchi x Cheese Hot Sandwich

Put the bread on a fry pan. Add mayonnaise, sliced cheese, kimchi, sliced cheese, and then bread in this order. Then turn to the other side and when both sides are grilled, it is ready to be served! It is delicious too if you use olive oil.

3. Boiled Egg Curry Toast

Put the sliced boiled eggs on the bread and add mayonnaise and curry powder. Toast for about 5-6 minutes using toaster. It is easier to prepare than a sandwich and is quite a substantial meal. It is also quite delicious when topped with parsley and onion.

4. Caramel Mayonnaise Toast

Spread mayonnaise on the bread then apply granule sugar to the who surface. Toast for about 5 minutes until it turns golden brown. The mixture of mayonnaise and sugar is quite unbelievably delicious. To eat together with honey is quite delicious too.