We asked a Japanese "Office Lady" how to impress men during goukon!

“Goukon”, or a group blind date, is where equal numbers of men and women get together in the hope of finding a partner. What should you do if there is a guy who is your type? What are the best ways to increase interest from men? This time, we will share the tips to impress men based on an Office Lady's real experiences in goukon!

Tip 1: Serve alcohol to men!

“I like to drink, but I refrain from drinking myself during goukon. That's because I'm afraid I will lose control if I get drunk,” says A-san. On the other hand, “Men don't feel bad when served alcohol. When they finish their glass, I will either offer the menu and order the next round, or refill their glasses if the bottle of wine is to hand. The tip is to drink moderately and serve others,” according to her. So, what is important is to “not drink, but let the men drink”.

Tip 2: No extravagant makeup and clothing, but dress naturally!

Sometimes, considering that someone who is your ideal type may join the goukon, you might tend to overdo your makeup or dress flashily to look nicer. “It’s important not to overdo it. Dress naturally with no extravagant makeup or fashion style,” according to A-san. If you overdo it, men may be intimidated and avoid you. Nonetheless, the crucial rule here is to touch up your makeup before goukon! It is a taboo to go to the gathering after work without any touch up.


Tip 3: Be a little aloof in front of the guy you like!

“It is important to not behave aggressively and show your intentions too clearly, even if there is someone you think is your type and you want to talk to him. It will be rather awkward if another girl has her eye on the same guy as you, or if you act too aggressively, you may put him off altogether,’ says A-san. Act as if you do not particularly care, but at the same time get his number and contact him privately. In this case, the possibility is greater. To impress a guy, it is important to create a certain distance!  

Rule 4: Treat every guy the same even if he is not your type!

Sometimes due to the seating arrangement, you may end up next to guys who are not your type. On such occasions, it is important not to act bored, according to A-san. “Treat all men the same. By doing so, you can display your good personality and increase the interest of others. It is taboo to not talk just because he is boring or not your type.” The first step to impress THE guy is to treat all men the same.


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