Fun! Kitchen Items from Japan Vol. 2 Kitchen Utensils That Make Your Cooking Easier

Are you a cooking person in the journey of seeking the right kitchen utensils of you life? Then, you are at the right place! We will walk you through some of the recommended kitchen utensils that you can buy in Japan to help you which will make your cooking experience less painful and stress free.

Silicone Spatula-

This silicone spatula that had received “Good Design Award” back in 2013. The maker of this spatula is called “MARNA”, which is a kitchen utensils company since 1872. It had been awarded for its the triangular shaped design.

Firstly, the narrow designed spatula allows it to fit in most bowls and containers, plus the size of the board is just wide enough to lift and flip while you are cooking. Thus, you can use this spatula to fry, sauté, mix, and serve. Secondly, the triangular grip provides a stable and comfortable grip. Lastly, the flexibility of the silicone part allows you to clean up all the sauce in the pan or bowl while serving! 1,080 yen (after tax)

Silicone Chopsticks with mini spoon and fork-

When you are cooking, it is sometimes annoying to switch between spoon, fork and chopsticks. This silicone chopsticks with mini spoon and fork can just be ultimate solution for that. If you have this, you can add sugar, salt, sauce, and ingredients using only one utensil. The best thing is that you only need to wash less!

The tips of the chopsticks are made out of silicone, so they prevent foods from slipping away! You can even pick up boiled egg with them!

540 yen (after tax)

Hand Cabbage Shredder-

If you are big salad fan, this will be the item for you! This is a handheld cabbage shredder and it is definitely way smaller than the board-shaped shredder or slice available in the market.

This handheld shredder can also avoid common injuries comparing to the traditional cabbage shredder- when fingers have a great chance of being cut once the cabbage is being sized down. It also has a finger ring in the middle for a better grip. 972 yen (after tax)

Egg Mixer

When you think of an egg mixer, you might think of the typical silver whisk. But when you see this egg mixer, you might not want to use the old-schooled whisk anymore. This egg mixer has a simple design, which doesn’t take a lot of space when you put it away, and it can fit inside containers in any size. Both of the tips of this mixer have their own usages. The tip that has a specially oval design can help you mix the egg efficiently, and the tip that is like a mini spatula can help you pick up eggshell or help you clean up the egg in the bowl. Compare to the typical hand mixer, this egg mixer actually save you a lot of energy and time! You can get it at Tokyu Hands. 388 yen (after tax)

What do you think of the items above? Don’t hesitate to give us some suggestions of what you want us to cover for kitchen utensils!


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