Just put all ingredients inside, and just leave it inside the pot for it to cook by itself. The Japanese cooking method has improved to this stage!

To prepare a simmered dish, we need to boil the ingredients for a long time. However, a busy life doesn’t allow us to prepare and cook the dishes by spending long hours. The problem can be settled if we have a reservation function that automatically completes cooking the side dishes during dinner time after you set it to in the morning. This pot is designed to maintain a temperature that isn’t too high so as to not spoil the ingredients, and get the food ready within the reserved time. It simmers the food deliciously when you are away from home. Japan's famous brand cooking appliance, Sharp "Healsio Hot Cook KN - HW 24C” is well known but there are some unique features that we want to share with you today. 

Solve Some Common Troubles Throughout the World!

It’s very common within the world that when cooking, we will put the ingredients into a pot and fry, boil, or steam. Sharp's product, automatic electric pot "Healsio Hot Cook" is designed to allow you to cook any ingredients and also automatically cook certain menu items. You just have to put in the ingredients and seasoning and select the menu, then the rest will be handled automatically by the pot. The electrical pot will manage the temperature, and it can stir the contents for some specific dishes, to cook the dishes automatically. As the size of the pot is 2.4 L, the portion will be more than enough even for a family of 4 or 5 people.

The Latest Automatic Stirring Technology!

"Healsio Hot Cook" has a unique feature that is only in this model. It is the stirring unit that is attached to the inner lid of the pot. For example, when you make “Happosai” (Mixed fried vegetables,八宝菜), all you need to do is just put in the ingredients and seasoning, then the pot will start heating until every ingredient is softened. During the last step, the stirring unit will start stirring and mixing all the ingredients, to make sure seasoning and heat spread to all ingredients in good balance, then the delicious Happosai is ready! The stirring unit works gently without spoiling the texture of the vegetables.

Anhydrous Cooking Method for Unbeaten Flavour!

"Healshio hot cook " isn’t equipped with a pressure cooking feature. However, you can close the lid tightly during cooking. A perfectly closed lid allows the pot to be used for "anhydrous cooking". Since you can cook only with the water contained in vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, onions, and tomatoes, you can cook the ingredients tasty and without spoiling the nutrients of the vegetables. Hence, the dishes aren’t too watery and you can enjoy the dish's original taste even more.

Cooking Pasta is Fun!

You just have to put in pasta, water, and the ingredients and seasoning into the pot, then the pot will serve you the tasty Napolitano pasta. It’s so convenient that you could use only a little water for boiling and at the same time don’t need to cook it yourself. You will be able to enjoy pasta easily without standing in front of the pot throughout the cooking process.

Product Overview
"Healsio Hot Cook KN-HW24C"
Price: Open (Approximately 80,000 yen at a mass home electronic retailer shop)
Size: W395 × D305 × H249 mm Weight: approximately 6.5 kg
Power supply: AC 100V
Power consumption: 800 W
Rated capacity: 2.4 L
Maximum reservation time: 15 hours

Photo & article credit to Takahiro Koyama