Check out the KoKeShi!

On today's article, I am going to share with you guys about this Japanese limbless doll.  Limbless? How scary... Talking about Japanese dolls, Kokeshi is one of a good example of Japanese masterpiece. Never heard of this doll before? 


The art of turning a piece of wood into a masterpiece. The way the old guy in the video shape the wood while keep the wooden block spinning. The way he paint it, very very carefully, the eyes, the lips. It might look simple when you see a normal kokeshi, but now you know. It tooks real skill, patience and great sense to finish a single kokeshi doll. 

Size of Japanese Kokeshi

From the same shop that brings us the fashionable Japanese geta, チャイハネ (CAYHANE) also sells Japanese Kokeshi, available in 4 different sizes:

1. Tiny ¥420


2. Small ¥740


3. Medium ¥1700


4. Large ¥3200


Japanese Souvenir

Kokeshi will make a good decoration for your house, or for souvenir maybe :)

Do you know? 
1. As you can see in the video, the bottom is marked with the artist's signature.  
2. Mii avatars, yep, the one that we create in Nintendo Wii to represent ourselves, is also based on kokeshi! 
WOW. Never think of it, right? 
Now you know. 



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