Obake Yashiki - Japanese Haunted House

Hi, Navio here!

I went to a festival, and there, I saw a familiar face!

Yep, the one in the thumbnail. Do you know her?


How about this photo?

Such a long neck! Yes, that’s her specialty: to lengthen her neck.

She is a Japanese yōkai called Rokurokubi. Usually pictured as a young woman in kimono.

Rokurokubi can be differentiated into two types, the ones with their necks attached to the bodies, and the ones whose heads come off and fly around called the “Nukekubi”.

Creepy right?

But don’t you worry, she is not a real ghost, it is a part of a Japanese traditional Haunted House, a decoration. 


Have you ever been into one before?

Japanese Haunted Houses or also called “ お化け屋敷” (Obake Yashiki).

This one is a traditional haunted house. You can’t really compare the decorations with a big haunted house, for example, the big one in Universal Studio Japan.

But the traditional look is really something like a special spice in traditional food; You can’t just get it from a modern one.


What you have to do is simple: “Explore” the haunted house and manage yourselves to get out in one piece.

No ghost will harm you. I can’t really recommend these kinds of attractions for people with weak hearts.

You will have to travel across tombstones, forests, and much more.


Old Japanese styled-rooms (with shouji / sliding doors) and others.

On your way when finding the way out, you will encounter many ghosts, yokai, or other Japanese monsters.

Pretty fun if you are brave enough!

Do you think you have the guts to clear the passage and find a way out?

Or have you ever been into one? Tell me about your experiences!


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