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Bounenkai (忘年会) is a Japanese word meaning Year End Party, or, quite literally, Forgetting the Year Party. It is very similar to corporate Christmas parties in the Western world.

Companies commonly hold their Bounenkais at Izakaya restaurants or even hotels, where attendees drink, relax, and reflect on the year. Awards are presented, and company executives talk about goals for the coming year. Some large companies even invite celebrities to perform at the event!

Japanese people also hold smaller scale Bounenkais with friends, and other social circles. Many people attend multiple Bounenkais each year! If you get a chance, definitely try attending a Bounenkai when you visit Japan!

Let’s remember the useful sentences before going to Japan!


●Kotoshi ha bounenkai ni ikimasuka?
> Are you going to the Bounenkai this year?

●Bounenkai sugoku tanoshikatta desu!
> The Bounenkai was really fun!


Did you get them?? Use words / sentences we introduced today when you are in Japan!

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