Perfect all-in-one Rich Gokujun UV Cream for you!


Are you tired of taking many steps to care your skins every morning? Do you want to sleep five minute more? If you use this skin care cream I recommend, you don’t need to do cumbersome skin cares anymore. Only you need to do is to apply an all-in-one Rich Gokujun UV cream on your face and start making up!


It is getting more popular for busy women to use an all-in-one skin cares here in Japan. I would like to recommend the “Rich Gokujun UV cream”, “Hada Labo” series produced by “Rohto”, one of the most famous Japanese cosmetic brand, among many all-in-one skin care cosmetics.


The Gokujun-cream performs seven functions of lotion, serum, milk, cream, pack, makeup base, UV cut, and you complete your skin care only with this perfect cream in the busy morning.


Before I started using Rich Gokujun UV cream, I always wished to sleep five more minute every morning and was tired of applying lotion, milk, make up base and UV cut to my face before making up. When I found the Gokujun-cream in a drug store, I didn’t have a high expectation for this honestly. However, after I started using this, my skin become softer and lighter and won’t get dried even in the evening. 

The first impression for the cream is a bit heavy, but once you apply a small amount of the cream on your skins, it is permeated to skins very well. Also since it contains makeup base, your makeup stays on well and last long.

A remarkable feature of this cream is to have SPF 50 PA++++ UV cut! Most of makeup base creams have only SPF 20-30, but they are not enough for protecting your skins from the strong sun. Let’s get a perfect white skins in coming summer with Rich Gokujun UV cream!


Name: Hada Labo Rich Gokujun UV

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Price: 1,600 JPY

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