5 Useful Skin Care Products That You Can Find Under 1000 yen At A Drug Store


There are a few questions that I have been asked regularly for so many times by people from overseas.

Something like “Why do people wear medical mask in Tokyo?” or “How old were you when you started to learn how to use chopsticks?” And also this, “Why do Japanese have pretty skin?”

One of the reason I can think of is that we eat healthy. Fresh seafood, a lots of vegetables and water. Another possible reason could be that we can find reasonable skincare products at drug stores, and easy to get them whenever we want to.

Here are some items that you can buy under 1000 yen.


Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

[430 yen]

You can find nose stirps anywhere, but it’s originally from Biore.

Just to apply on your wet nose and dry it off, then peel it off. How simple is that.

Plus it is so much fun to do it.


2: CHOOSY Lip Mask [100 yen]
Adding lip masks to your beauty routine might sounds a little too luxurious, but this mask only cost you 100 yen. Cheaper than a bottle of water. It plumps and hydrates your lips with sweet milk scent and makes you relax.


3: LuLuLun Face Mask [300 yen]
Face masks are very popular skin care items all over the world. So popular here in Japan that there are a huge selection of them at almost every single drug stores. 
The brand concept is to offer high quality skin cares to every woman at affordable price. 
Well, it seem like they really mean it! 
There are 7 seats in one pack so that you can use it every day for a whole week. 


4: Fumakilla SKIN VAPE [570 yen]
I wasn’t sure if this could be categorized as “skin care” items, but when I found it at the drugstore, I thought it is unique, useful, and wanted to introduce it. 
It is a pack of insect repellent wipes. It is compact that you can even put it in your pocket.
Because you can spread on your skin evenly without splattering, kids can use it as well. 


5: Pure Hyaluronic Acid Gel [540 yen]
Every girls are aware of hyaluronic acid and even if you don’t know how it works, you probably have heard of the word at least once. It basically moisturize your skin and plump your wrinkles.
All you need to do is just add a drop of it to your cosmetics, something like lotions, shampoo, or foundations. 


Japanese drug stores are full of beauty and health products. 
You always find something new, something interesting and unique. 
That’s why I can’t stop going back to drug stores. It is like a wonderland. 

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